What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wholesale Wine Glasses?

Lori Kilchermann

There are both advantages and disadvantages in buying wholesale wine glasses. Some of the pros are the ability to buy a large selection of similar wine glasses in a single stop, having glassware that are not as costly as fine glassware in the event of broken and damaged glasses, and the ability to have several different styles of glasses for the same cost of a single style from some retailers. Some of the negatives in buying wholesale wine glasses are the quality of the glasses themselves, the occasional flaw in design or color in the less expensive glasses and the potential lack of being able to purchase matching wholesale wine glasses in the future.

A wholesale wine glass.
A wholesale wine glass.

Some of the joy in drinking wine comes from swirling the wine in a glass and breathing in the sweet aroma of the fruit. This can be lost slightly by using wholesale wine glasses if the finish of the glass is not as smooth and polished as a better-quality glass. Many people enjoy making a toast when drinking their wine. Some wholesale wine glasses are thin and could be prone to cracking or actually breaking during the clinking together of the glasses during a toast. Many discount glasses have an uneven lip around the rim of the glass, making small dribbles and spills possible when using wholesale wine glasses.

In the event of a broken glass, buying wholesale wine glasses is an ideal, non-costly option.
In the event of a broken glass, buying wholesale wine glasses is an ideal, non-costly option.

On the bright side, purchasing wholesale wine glasses typically allows a buyer to get more glasses for the same amount of money. For new business owners, this can be the difference in full shelves or a bare minimum of glasses on hand to serve customers. Also, by buying wholesale glasses, the purchaser is able to obtain several different sizes and style glasses for the same cost as a single style from other distributors. Another pro when deciding to purchase wholesale wine glasses is that there will be extra money that can be utilized in other areas of the business. Many times, if the glasses are not extremely thin, discount glassware is heavy and thick, leading to fewer broken glasses due to drops, dish-washing accidents and hard toasting of glasses.

There are many pros and cons to using wholesale wine glasses and any purchaser is wise to examine all facets of the decision to use the discounted glassware. When buying colored glasses, intensities and swirls in the color may vary greatly between glasses, while clear glass can be cloudy, yellowed or hazy. This may suggest the glasses are not properly cleaned. This, however, is a good way to stock up on stemware until a better source can be utilized.

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