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What Are the Different Updos for Medium Hair?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

Medium-length hair is very versatile and works well with most updo styles. There is enough hair to create some of the more intricate styles but not so much that it becomes difficult to work with. Another advantage is that, because of the manageable length, most updos for medium hair are easy to do yourself. Buns, braids, and curls are all common styles.

Buns or chignons, whether at the back or the side, high or low, are a sophisticated choice for medium-length hair and can be worn loose or tighter in style. The only issue with this style is the thickness of the hair. If hair is thinner and medium in length, a hairpiece may be added to give the bun more size. Hairpieces can be added even if the hair is thick to provide added drama to the style. The hairpiece must be secured properly, however, as it will increase the weight of the hair.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Another updo style that can be worn in medium length hair is braids, although hairpieces may also be required here to give more length — larger braids require longer hair. For updos for medium hair, however, smaller sections can be braided and the rest of the hair tousled to create a romantic, messy updo. This type of tousled style can also help hair to appear longer.

Curls are also a common choice for updos for medium hair. Small sections can be pin curled and then loosely or tightly pinned up with different accessories. Curls can actually create the illusion of longer hair. One way of achieving this is to curl the hair then lift and pin it to one side in different layers, creating a cascade effect.

Larger curls and finger waves can create a retro look by tucking them under or pinning them to create a retro look. This type of style is excellent for updos for medium hair as there is the right amount of length to achieve a variety of styles without having to add hairpieces. This is also true for half-up, half-down styles, which are very versatile styles for medium hair. Looks can range from simple and easy styles, such as pulling back the top half and securing it with a pretty clip to the more elaborate retro pinup look.

As with fine hair, updos for medium hair can be given more volume by backcombing and teasing the hair, although this will result in the loss of some length. Like many styles, updos for medium hair can be greatly enhanced by the use of accessories. The rule to follow here is to keep the size of accessories in proportion with the hairstyle, making the entire style the focus rather than just the accessory.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book