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What Are the Different Types of Wig Accessories?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Wig styling and cleaning products are some of the most important types of wig accessories. Special stands, known as wig stands should also be used to help a wig retain its shape, and carrying cases can be used to transport wigs. Many people also rely on some wig accessories to help keep wigs on their heads.

When styling wigs, experts recommend only using specially formulated wig styling products. These types of products allow people to style their wigs just like real hair. They are gentle, so they do minimal damage to the fibers used to create a wig. Wig hairspray and wig shine enhancer are two types of styling products for wigs.

Stands are used to protect wigs and keep their shape.
Stands are used to protect wigs and keep their shape.

Eventually a wig, just like real hair, will get dirty, and properly caring for a wig can help prolong its life. Experts typically recommend that people who wear wigs wash them every one to two weeks. Special wig shampoos are other important types of wig accessories. Like wig styling products, these are gentle, so they do not damage the wig. Washing a wig should only be done using cool water. Excess moisture can then be blotted with a towel, and the wig should be allowed to air dry.

One of the best ways to dry wigs is by placing them on wig stands. These wig accessories come in a number of shapes and sizes. Some are simply wire balls atop a sturdy base, while others can strongly resemble a human head. When a person is not wearing her wig, experts advise that she drape it over a wig stand or mannequin head. This helps ensure that the wig does not get crushed or lose its shape.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to transport wigs. Wig carrying cases are wig accessories that make this task much easier. These are typically large enough to hold a wig stand and a styled wig, as well as other wig accessories like wig combs. Cases such as these make it easier to carry wigs from one destination to another while still keeping it styled and in shape.

Depending on whether a person has hair, there are a few ways to ensure a wig does not fall off or shift while it is being worn. People who have hair may use bobby pins or wig clips to attach wigs to their own natural hair. Those with long or thick natural hair may wish to tuck it under wig caps.

Bald people, or people who have bald patches on their head may need to use other wig accessories to keep their wigs from shifting. Wig tape is sticky on both sides. One side of the tape is stuck to the wig, while the other side of the tape is stuck to the scalp. Spray wig adhesive is also available, but some find that it may be more difficult to use than wig tape.

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    • Stands are used to protect wigs and keep their shape.
      By: Brian Jackson
      Stands are used to protect wigs and keep their shape.