What are the Different Types of Undermount Bar Sink?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
An undermount bar sink may be featured with a wet bar.
An undermount bar sink may be featured with a wet bar.

An undermount bar sink is ideal for both wet bars and kitchens that do not need large sinks, as this kind is typically somewhat small and shallow. This type of sink is usually placed into the bar from beneath the countertop, which means that it is flush with the counter and easy to clean. The materials for this type of sink include porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron, and copper, from which homeowners can choose based on their preference. The shape often ranges from the typical square or circle to a unique design. Finally, the finish usually differs from one house to another, as this choice is typically left up to the homeowner.

A stainless steel undermount bar sink is typically the most common kind, as it is durable and often matches the finish of the rest of the kitchen. It is also considered quite modern, and is known for being easy to clean since it tends to harbor fewer bacteria than other materials. Cast iron is durable, as well, as it does not usually chip, burn, or crack. On the other hand, some people prefer porcelain, as this frequently looks more traditional than cast iron or stainless steel, providing an antique feel. Copper can offer the same advantage since many older sinks are made of this type of metal.

Homeowners looking to keep a conventional look in their bar may be interested in the typical square or circular undermount bar sink. This is usually sufficient for a wet bar at home, though rectangular shape may be preferred if extra space is necessary. On the other hand, some homeowners may be interested in creating a customized look using their bar sink. For example, sinks that are in the shape of a hexagon or triangle can often be found at home improvement stores, while custom sinks can be requested of specialty companies. One popular example for a wet bar is an undermount bar sink in the shape of a wine glass, though homeowners may usually create their own shape, as well.

Color is an important component of any sink, as it should usually match the rest of the kitchen. The shades available typically depend on the material that the undermount bar sink is made of, as certain types only come in one color. For example, a stainless steel or copper sink usually only comes in its natural shade, while porcelain or cast iron sinks may be different colors. The most common shades include black, white, and beige since these match most kitchens, but companies that create custom sinks can often add a splash of color to the bar area with varying hues.

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    • An undermount bar sink may be featured with a wet bar.
      An undermount bar sink may be featured with a wet bar.