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What Are the Different Types of Treadmill Accessories?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

There are many different treadmill accessories. Some accessories for treadmills are designed to assist in keeping a treadmill in proper working order. Other accessories are made for the person using a treadmill.

Pedometers are very common treadmill accessories. A pedometer is a device that measures the distance a person has traveled by detecting movement. Treadmills may have many types of built-in technology designed to give the user similar information, but many people like to use a pedometer to get the most accurate numbers for how far they have walked.

Pedometers are commonly featured on treadmills.
Pedometers are commonly featured on treadmills.

Surge protectors are also common treadmill accessories. These items help protect the machine from power surges that may occur during severe weather or at random. A surge protector is one of the simplest ways one can protect the treadmill’s motor, and since treadmills can cost a considerable amount of money, many people view surge protectors as investments.

Treadmill covers can keep the machines free of dirt, dust and debris.
Treadmill covers can keep the machines free of dirt, dust and debris.

Some treadmill accessories are sold in kits so an individual can buy multiple items together. One advantage of buying a treadmill accessory kit is that a person will have access to accessories he or she might not need at the time of purchase but may want to use in the future. Additionally, purchasing a number of accessories in a kit could save money when compared to individually purchasing each piece.

Many treadmill accessories are sold for maintenance purposes. Since treadmills are mechanical, lubrication is needed to fight against wear and tear on moving parts. Treadmills typically utilize belts to achieve rotation, and special cleaners are available to cleanse the belts. Replacement parts are also available and may have enhanced features, such as replacement treadmill mats that are stronger than the original mat that came with the machine.

A treadmill mat is a common accessory and has a variety of purposes. The mat usually is placed directly below a treadmill to help protect the floor or carpet. Treadmill mats also may allow users to clean under and around the treadmill with ease. They also can reduce the amount of noise a treadmill may make.

Some treadmill accessories are designed to attach to or cover the machine. For example, some manufacturers make racks to either hang from or attach to a treadmill, providing space for water bottles, towels, reading materials, or anything else an individual may want to put there. Treadmill covers hang over an entire treadmill when it is not in use to protect the treadmill from dust and dirt. They also can guard against unwanted access by pets, some of which may scratch or scuff a treadmill.

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    • Pedometers are commonly featured on treadmills.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Pedometers are commonly featured on treadmills.
    • Treadmill covers can keep the machines free of dirt, dust and debris.
      By: starush
      Treadmill covers can keep the machines free of dirt, dust and debris.