What Are the Different Types of Sugar-Free Foods?

Lauren Romano

Sugar-free foods are exactly that: they're foods that don't contain sugar. Some foods may actually contain a form of it, but it's listed by other names consumers may not be familiar with. While certain foods contain no sugar as is, many companies now make both a regular version of a product and one that is sugar-free. Some people may choose to eat less sugar, others might be required to due to certain health conditions. Compared to years ago, there are now many places to find foods that are sugar-free.

Some alcoholic drinks can be made with sugar free mixers for a low sugar drink.
Some alcoholic drinks can be made with sugar free mixers for a low sugar drink.

The majority of foods contain some form of sugar, whether natural or otherwise. Companies realized the dilemma and decided, in addition to the regular versions, to also create sugar-free foods. Many people can now enjoy versions of the foods they might not have been able to have in quite some time, including sugar-free versions of pasta, cookies, candy, cereal and more.

Canned tuna is usually a sugar-free food.
Canned tuna is usually a sugar-free food.

There are already certain sugar-free foods, but they must be specially prepared, and typically without sauces, in order to remain that way. Some of the sugar-free foods include roasted chicken, white rice, asparagus, peppers, canned tuna and turkey patties. Those who want to add a little something might consider putting in some sugar-free options such as olive oil, margarine or sesame oil.

Some foods may not have sugar written plainly under the list of ingredients. It could be listed under another name, which consumers may not be aware of, and could easily go unrecognized unless shoppers are familiar with the specific terms. Fructose, maltose and lactose are just a few of the terms to be aware of. It's best to make a list of all the terms and carry it at all times.

Quite a few people are trying to cut back on, or completely cut out, sugar for several reasons, including trying to lose weight, trying to sleep better, or if they have, or are in danger of developing, a health condition such as diabetes. Many believe that people are more addicted to sugar than they realize, and that once deprived of it, will experience withdrawal symptoms. A couple of the symptoms may include feeling anxious and having headaches.

Those looking for sugar-free foods may not be able to find certain versions in regular supermarkets, but will likely be able to find them in specialty stores or online. Many restaurants and bakeries offer sugar-free options so more people can enjoy their food. Often, the best place to eat food that doesn't contain sugar is right at home, where it's possible to know exactly what's going in the dish and how it was prepared.

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