What Are the Different Types of Strategic Consulting Jobs?

K. Reynolds
K. Reynolds
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Strategic consulting jobs are offered to specialists who are able to provide companies with the strategic insight and assistance they need in order to optimize a particular part of their business. These jobs are generally found in the areas of management, operations, technology, and marketing. Although these are the main areas for strategic consulting jobs, there can often be a wide variety of strategic consulting jobs depending upon the needs, requirements, and size of a particular company.

Management consulting is generally the most popular strategic consulting job and it consists of helping companies solve organizational and managerial problems that have an adverse effect on the growth and development of a company. The strategic management skills of the consultant can assist companies in making decisions ranging from initiating changes in their executive staffing to implementing a strategy that will allow employees to operate more efficiently. As technology continues to develop, many in strategic management consulting jobs are focusing on how to help companies establish a virtual workforce as they look for ways to increase productivity and lower costs.

Many strategic consulting jobs revolve around operations consulting. The purpose of operations consulting is to streamline the operations of a business by increasing the output of a company's processes while decreasing the input needed. This strategic business specialty helps companies analyze their current operational processes and procedures and optimizes them in order to increase efficiency and cost savings within a company's supply chain.

Information technology (IT) consulting is strategic consulting that helps companies decide the best way to implement technology in order to accomplish their business goals. As companies grow and develop, there will inevitably be a need to upgrade their technology and information systems. For this reason, IT consulting has grown to play an important role in the variety of strategic consulting jobs that are in demand. IT consultants frequently are responsible for estimating the cost of a new technology, as well as implementing, deploying, and administering the new technology throughout the company.

Marketing consulting is another strategic consulting job that focuses on helping companies create and implement a sales and marketing strategy. A marketing consulting can also be instrumental in creating and developing an effective sales force. In addition to sales training, many marketing consultants can assist companies in targeting new potential clients and developing multiple marketing channels in order to accomplish the objectives and revenue goals of the business.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip