What are the Different Types of Risk Management Courses?

Matthew Brodsky
Matthew Brodsky
Courses might focus on industries or types of risks, such as employee theft.
Courses might focus on industries or types of risks, such as employee theft.

The business discipline of risk management is growing and constantly changing. Whether a person is looking to enter into the profession or is looking to advance within in, risk management courses can provide the information and expertise needed to do so. Colleges and universities offer such programs at the undergraduate and the master's degree level. Schools and professional organizations also offer risk management certificate programs for various levels of development. For a person who is looking for distance learning, some programs offer online training.

The risk management courses offered at the college and university level can be offered as a specialization within a business major at the undergraduate level, or at certain schools, the risk management program could itself be a major. Many of the departments offering risk management courses offer courses in underwriting, actuarial science and other insurance-related topics. At the master's degree level, the risk management courses can be offered as part of an MBA or as a separate degree.

Various risk management certificate programs exist to choose from. The courses involved typically cover such topic as enterprise risk management, how to analyze risk, risk control, risk finance and the practice of risk management. Typically, these certificate programs can require attendees to take several risk management courses over the course of months. Exams are usually required during and at the end to show proficiency in the topic. Different certificate programs offer different designations, which might have more weight and prestige given a person's specialization or location.

If a risk management professional seeks to specialize in working within a particular industry, risk management courses are available that focus on particular sectors. There are courses that address risk management for schools, for instance. Coursework can also focus on the public sector too. Some risk management courses might also be designed for insurance brokers and agents, small business owners and insurance underwriters.

Some risk management programs offer courses across various cities and countries, with coursework offered periodically in each city. Other programs might require an attendee to travel to the school itself, which is, of course, the case with most university and colleges. For busy professionals, another option is a program that offers online training in business risks and how to identify risks and assess risks. These courses tend to provide an attendee the flexibility to complete components at their convenience, while attending courses, dealing with teachers, and taking exams over the Internet with technology like e-mails, podcasts, and webcams.

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    • Courses might focus on industries or types of risks, such as employee theft.
      By: Peter Atkins
      Courses might focus on industries or types of risks, such as employee theft.