What are the Different Types of Resistance Training Weights?

Page Coleman

Resistance training weights and equipment are available in a variety of types. The equipment can be selected according the exerciser’s current fitness levels, experience, or goals. Regardless of the type of equipment used, resistance training causes reactions in the muscles that can help the exerciser build strength.

Some people use free weights.
Some people use free weights.

Dumbbells, barbells with weight plates, and kettle bells are all types of resistance training weights. Indian clubs are used for resistance training and to improve shoulder mobility. These free weight forms can be useful for more experienced weight trainers, who may also wish to improve functional fitness.

Barbells with weight plates are resistance training weights.
Barbells with weight plates are resistance training weights.

Some exercisers may add ankle or wrist resistance training weights when doing other workouts, such as calisthenics or running, to improve strength. Many resistance exercises make use of the exerciser’s body weight. Typical body weight exercises are push ups and pull ups.

Resistance bands are inexpensive and easy to use. They are available in various strengths, so the exerciser can start at a comfortable strength and use stronger bands as she gains strength. The bands can be added to fitness programs, such as calisthenics, to increase the program’s difficulty.

Other types of resistance equipment include running parachutes, sleds that are pushed and pulled, and bungee cords. Running parachutes are specifically designed to help runners increase leg muscle strength, and so may be used in running training programs. Sleds can help develop total body strength, but especially leg strength. Bungee cords may be attached to arms, legs, or waists to help develop strength in these areas.

Resistance machines are popular pieces of resistance training weight equipment. These machines are most frequently found in commercial gyms because of their size, weight, and expense. They can be useful for beginner exercisers because they help enforce form. The machines are typically safer than free weights, and are ideal for beginners, senior adults, or children.

There are three main types of resistance machines. One type is the weight machine that uses stackable weights that the exerciser adjusts to the appropriate level. A second type of resistance machine uses oil hydraulics. Both weight machines and oil hydraulic resistance training machines can be heavy, and so must be placed in an area that can support their weight. The third type, air hydraulic resistance machines, are relatively light, and they can be placed in areas that might not support a heavy machine.

Using resistance training weights and other strength training equipment will cause muscular contractions, which can help the muscles become stronger and increase in mass. This increased strength can help reduce the chance of injury. Increased muscle mass burns additional calories, which helps exercisers maintain a healthy body fat percentage.

The more muscle a person has, the higher their metabolic rate.
The more muscle a person has, the higher their metabolic rate.

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