What are the Different Types of Personal Government Grants?

Tess C. Taylor
Tess C. Taylor
There are many government grants available to women-owned businesses.
There are many government grants available to women-owned businesses.

In the United States (US) and Canada, there are a wide range of personal government grants available to individuals that do not have to be repaid and are essentially free money. Personal government grants can be obtained to pay for education, get transportation, pay for childcare, start a small business, purchase a home, make home repairs, and reduce debts. Grants are also available to pay for medical care or senior care. Getting a government grant to cover these personal needs often depends on meeting certain requirements and filling out lengthy forms, but there are programs to help most anyone.

Some personal government grants can be used to pay for large expenses relating to getting an education or purchasing a home for the first time. Examples of these grants in the US include student financial aid grants and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department grants. These grants are normally administered by branches of the government that are focused on improving the economic conditions of an area by giving individuals the ability to attend college or to improve communities by stimulating home sales.

Free government grants can also be used to cover the expenses associated with starting a small business. There are many programs available in many regions for women, minorities, or other disadvantaged business owners that can pay for equipment, office space, and the start-up costs that are incurred by a new business. In addition, small businesses can use personal government grants to provide more jobs for others in areas where there are few opportunities.

In addition to large personal government grants, there are also smaller grants available that can pay for expenses such as child care, utilities, home weatherization, transportation, educational materials, and medical care. While these grants are somewhat limited, individuals and families that meet certain income guidelines can use personal government grants to pay for financial needs that would otherwise be impossible to cover. Grants of this type are generally sent directly to the vendor or provider to pay for the expenses on behalf of the recipient.

Federal government grants are also available to aid property and home owners with making home repairs. Personal government grants of this type can be used to make repairs and improvements to homes so that they are more energy efficient. Repairs may include new windows and doors, roofing, plumbing, or upgraded appliances. This is especially helpful when the costs of keeping a home safe and comfortable have risen significantly in the last several decades.

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    • There are many government grants available to women-owned businesses.
      There are many government grants available to women-owned businesses.