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What Are the Different Types of Part-Time Receptionist Jobs?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Virtually any business in which customers or clients may stop by or call will have opportunities for part-time receptionist jobs. This is especially true for businesses that have certain times of day that are very busy, or that are open at odd hours, such as overnight. Some businesses will also prefer to hire predominantly part-time staff because the hourly wage is lower and part-timers may not require benefits. The daily tasks of most part-time receptionist jobs are usually fairly similar, and may involve answering the phone and performing general office administration tasks. Most importantly, it is necessary for a receptionist to be friendly, polite, and professional at all times.

Part-time receptionist jobs are usually added to a business as a type of support staff to other office administrators. They generally do not work directly with executives or as leaders in departments, which will usually fall under the purview of administrative assistants. Instead, receptionists are responsible for greeting customers, clients, or patients as the case may be, answering any questions they may have, and preparing them to meet with whomever they are there to see.

A receptionist working.
A receptionist working.

Certain types of businesses or organizations are more likely to offer part-time receptionist jobs than others. Doctor's offices, for instance, frequently hire part-time receptionists to man the phones, greet patients, and collect basic demographic data such as name and contact information for each visit. Other places in which part-time receptionist jobs are frequently found include auto dealerships, real estate offices, and places such as private or community centers or gyms. These are just a few of the most common places for a part-time receptionist, but there are many others, and plenty of businesses will hire a part-time assistant if they find that they have a need for some extra support during a busy time of the day.

Within the daily responsibilities, most part-time receptionist jobs are fairly similar. Receptionists are expected to look and sound professional when they are greeting visitors and answering the phone, and should be knowledgeable about their company so they can answer questions quickly and easily. They may also be responsible for doing general office tasks such as receiving mail, making copies and distributing memos, or scheduling meetings, among other administrative jobs. Part-time receptionist jobs are generally entry-level positions, available to individuals with a minimal amount of work experience or specific education, and they often allow for a flexible schedule as well.

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    • A receptionist working.
      By: Elenathewise
      A receptionist working.