What Are the Different Types of National Newspaper Advertising?

Crystal Cook

National newspaper advertising is similar to local newspaper advertising, except on a larger scale and more expensive basis. As with local newspapers, national newspapers sell ads ranging from relatively inexpensive classified ads to more costly full-page or double-page ads. They may appear in every edition of the newspaper or, perhaps, in just one or two regional editions of those available. While different newspapers have different standards for what they're willing to sell advertising space to promote, many of them follow the same general guidelines.

National newspaper ads range from classified ads to full-page spreads.
National newspaper ads range from classified ads to full-page spreads.

Classified ads are the cheapest form of national newspaper advertising. Such ads generally consist of three or four lines of information at a standard rate. Additional lines will increase the rate. Businesses are charged at a higher rate than individuals are. These kinds of advertisements are most effective when run for several days or weeks.

Classified ads are available in national newspapers.
Classified ads are available in national newspapers.

Another form of national newspaper advertising is a business card ad. These ads are styled much like a business card and are about the same size. They contain information about the company, products, offers and often a slogan to help consumers remember the company. Logos also are included on this type of ad. Business card ads can be run anytime and are normally grouped together near the classified ads.

Advertising circulars are usually glossy inserts found tucked inside the paper. A third-party printer normally creates the circulars and sends them to the newspaper for insertion and distribution. This is an effective form of national newspaper advertising that is more likely to be employed by large corporations, nationwide retailers and restaurant chains than by smaller businesses.

Coupon ads are another ad type that easily allows a consumer to see what a company offers and how much can be saved on the product or service. Publishers normally keep such ads a uniform size, though they are available in any size. It is very easy to track how effective a coupon ad is by keeping track of coupons redeemed by customers.

Sale ads are similar to coupon ads in that they show consumers available shopping discounts. These ads can show discounts for a department or an entire store. Clearance and markdown sales are usually advertised using sale ads.

A display ad is a form of national newspaper advertising that is available in different sizes. It can be a half-page, quarter-page or full-page ad. Display ads are used to increase awareness of a service or product that a company offers. Contact information is normally included on the ads. Display ads are called direct-response ads if an order form is included in the ad.

Spadeas ads are not as common as other forms of national newspaper advertising. This kind of ad is a separate paper that is smaller than the regular newspaper. It is attached on the outside of the paper and covers part of the front page. It is easy for consumers to remove and can be printed on one or both sides.

Legal ads are usually placed near or in the classified ads and are normally specific and professional. These ads provide information that the law requires to be known to the general public. Notices to creditors, announcements of name changes and public hearings are all types of legal ads. To require being run in a national newspaper, a legal ad is likely to involve a notification about a class-action suit.

A spotlight ad is often used to draw attention to a particular aspect of a company. Usually the attention is drawn to a new product, product line or employee. This type of ad works well as a large display ad.

Informational ads are designed to provide information about a company. The ad can be designed in a question-and-answer format, providing information about the company. It also may be designed as a short article that tells consumers more about a service or product. This kind of ad is often seen as very professional.

A display ad is a form of advertising that can take up a half or whole page of a national newspaper.
A display ad is a form of advertising that can take up a half or whole page of a national newspaper.

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