What Are the Different Types of Mathematics Lecturer Jobs?

G. Wiesen

Different types of mathematics lecturer jobs are often based on the setting in which such a person wishes to work, though they are typically related to education. College teaching and research positions are quite common, in which case the title “lecturer” can refer to a variety of positions. There are also typically jobs available at other levels of education, such as secondary schools in which someone can work as a math teacher. Some mathematics lecturer jobs are more specialized, however, and can include positions for tutors to assist students with individual lessons to help them learn different mathematical subjects.

Some math tutors may also be qualified to teach in the classroom.
Some math tutors may also be qualified to teach in the classroom.

One of the most common mathematics lecturer jobs is one in which someone can work at a college or university and teach or research mathematics. The title “lecturer” can mean different things, however, so the types of jobs available in this field can also vary somewhat. In the UK, for example, a lecturer is typically someone who both teaches and potentially performs research, and who is in a tenure-track position at a school. Mathematics lecturer jobs in the US, however, commonly refer to positions in which someone teaches but does not perform research. These jobs are often short-term, or on a limited basis, and do not typically qualify someone for tenure.

Other levels of schooling may also provide someone with opportunities for mathematics lecturer jobs, such as secondary education. This is often referred to as “high school,” “junior high,” and “middle school” and provides students with classes that are subject-based rather than intended for general lessons. Teachers who are qualified to provide instruction at a college level may be able to find mathematics lecturer jobs in secondary education. Some areas may require additional certification or licensure, however, to ensure that lecturers are properly trained and qualified to teach at such schools.

There are also mathematics lecturer jobs for someone who is interested in a more personalized experience, or who wishes to provide instruction to others outside of a structured learning environment. Math tutors, for example, may be qualified to teach or lecture on mathematics in a classroom, but have instead chosen to focus on personal instruction. This allows someone to teach a student one-on-one and answer questions, rather than trying to teach a classroom full of students.

There may also be some mathematics lecturer jobs available at seminars or workshops. Someone with a background in math can provide information to others, especially those people in specialized fields who need additional knowledge. Organizations that work in finance, for example, might have need for additional mathematics instruction for employees, which can be provided through this type of lecture.

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