What are the Different Types of Mask Products?

Harriette Halepis

There are many different mask products on the market. Trying to decide which product is right for one's skin type can be tricky, though understanding what each type of face mask does will help. Some masks are made specifically for dry skin, some masks are made for oily skin, and others are made for combination skin. In addition, some masks have been formulated to combat specific skin issues.

A woman removing a peel-off facial mask.
A woman removing a peel-off facial mask.

Thus, the best way to sift through the various mask products is to determine one's skin type. People who have dry skin should search for a hydrating mask, while people who have oily skin should look for a drying mask. Likewise, people who have combination skin may want to find a mask that's ideal for this skin-type. Most mask products are clearly labeled, so finding a mask that works with one's skin type should not be difficult.

Honey can be used in facial masks to relieve dry skin.
Honey can be used in facial masks to relieve dry skin.

Some mask products also contain various natural ingredients. Popular natural ingredients include honey, milk, olive oil, and tea. Honey is generally added as a soothing ingredient, since it can provide moisture while also helping to soothe dry or itchy skin. Many believe that olive oil and certain teas are vital anti-aging ingredients, since these items contain antioxidants. Masks that include olive oil or tea are meant to help combat wrinkles and other signs of aging. As with honey, milk is naturally soothing, and milk masks are generally sought after by people who have dry or irritated skin.

Many mask products have also been formulated to help remove dead skin. Mask products that contain rough particles such as coffee grounds, oatmeal, or sugar are meant to exfoliate skin. These products can help skin appear youthful, though an exfoliating mask should not be used every day, since it may cause skin irritation when used frequently.

For best mask results, it's a wise idea to purchase different types of masks. Since skin goes through stages depending upon weather conditions, age, and other factors, different types of masks should be used as part of a skin cleansing routine. When purchasing any kind of mask, it's a good idea to read product ingredients.

While almost every type of mask has various chemical ingredients, it is best to purchase products that are nearly all natural. To find a quality product, conduct a bit of research. Find out which masks are popular with consumers, and discover which products may contain questionable ingredients. When it comes to facial skin, it's always wise to choose the best products available.

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Be careful to not use exfoliating facial mask products right before a big event as they can make your skin look red and irritated for a few days. Based on my experience, when getting ready for something big, it's best to use complexion products 2 or 3 days before. These products are great for your skin but can cause short term redness and puffiness. Good luck!
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