How do I Choose the Best Face Mask Recipes?

Lauren Romano

Using a face mask may help improve the texture and condition of your skin. Trying different face mask recipes can help you find one perfectly suited for you. Not every mask is suited for every person, so before making and trying a homemade recipe, it is important to decide first which one would be best to use.

Honey can be used in face masks to relieve dry skin.
Honey can be used in face masks to relieve dry skin.

Although the items that would go into a homemade face mask are easy to get from the store, it doesn't mean that they should be used. If there are any foods that will cause an allergic reaction, eliminate face mask recipes with those foods. Take at least a day to think about foods that could have caused an allergic reaction years ago and have been forgotten about over time.

Face masks are used to hydrate the face.
Face masks are used to hydrate the face.

Before looking through face mask recipes, make a list of what effects the ingredients should have on the skin. For example, whether the end result should be the appearance of smaller pores, firmer skin or to have the skin look brighter. Different ingredients can have different effects. Knowing what results are desired can help you find the perfect recipe.

The condition of your skin will also have a part in what ingredients to use. For example, dry skin will need something that hydrates the skin, such as one that has oils in the recipe. If there is any confusion as to what type of skin you have, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

Before using any face mask recipes all over the skin, it is best to test some of the ingredients out first. On an unseen part of the body, such as on the thigh or on the underside of the forearm, rub on a small circular bit of each ingredient and leave it on for about 15 minutes before washing it off. Give it a day to see if there are any allergic reactions on the skin. It would be much better to have it in a tiny spot on the body than all over the face.

To find homemade face mask recipes, it is best to pick up a book to look through. In each book there are usually several different kinds of recipes for every skin type with different variations for each ingredient. In some cases, the recipes may also advise which ingredients can be substituted in case of allergies.

Avocado is intensely moisurizing.
Avocado is intensely moisurizing.

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