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How Do I Choose the Best Face Mask Cream?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

A face mask cream is a type of product used to hydrate, exfoliate, and brighten your skin. Before venturing for the ultimate mask, it is first important that you determine your skin type so that you can purchase the most appropriate product. Keep in mind that creams tend to offer more hydrating effects, so these might not be your best choice if you have extremely oily skin. It is also helpful to know that drug store creams can be just as effective as department store versions, and at a much lower cost.

Creamy face masks are primarily designed to moisturize and soothe your skin. Dry skin types benefit immensely from the hydrating effects of a face mask cream. Masks open the pores so that the ingredients can seep in. A cream adds moisture to the pores to instantly soften and smooth the skin.

Face mask cream is used to hydrate skin.
Face mask cream is used to hydrate skin.

Although cream facials benefit dry skin, this does not mean that combination and oily skin types are exempt from using them. All skin types can experience dryness at some point, so it can be to your benefit to use a face mask cream if you have hydration issues. Dry skin is especially prevalent during the cold winter months. Take extra care if you have extremely oily skin, because the cream can potentially clog your pores.

Certain types of masks will fit into your beauty regimen better than others. If you desire a face mask cream that can be used quickly, then it is best to find one that you leave on for 10 minutes. Other hydrating masks are left on for 20 minutes or more, while certain versions are even used overnight. The longer you leave a cream on, the more time it will take to remove it. Overnight creams might not be the best products for oily skin.

The process of finding the perfect cream can take time, so consider purchasing trial-sized versions until you find the perfect fit. Prices for a face mask cream vary, especially if you are comparing products in supermarkets to those sold at department stores. The quality of an expensive cream mask is not necessarily better than a cheaper version. Also, beware of any ingredients that can potentially irritate your skin, such as alcohol.

Creamy masks are generally less harsh on the skin compared to face products made out of clay. Although these products make your skin feel soft, it is important that you limit use to two times per week. Overusing a face mask cream can dry out the skin, and can even make you breakout if you have oily pores. Dramatic results might not be visible for a few weeks, as your skin cells turnover.

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    • Face mask cream is used to hydrate skin.
      By: Konstantin Yuganov
      Face mask cream is used to hydrate skin.