What Are the Different Types of Management Degree Requirements?

Terry Masters

Management degree requirements come in two categories: program entry requirements and degree completion requirements. Program entry requirements control the type of students accepted into programs at the bachelor's, associate's, master's and doctorate levels. The requirements at this stage can include educational attainment, work experience, test score results and general personal development. Schools also require an application and fees to apply and attend. Degree completion requirements can include finishing a certain number of credit hours and courses, and maintaining a minimum grade point average; some students may also choose to complete an internship.

Many programs will require the students complete an internship in their focus area.
Many programs will require the students complete an internship in their focus area.

Academic degree requirements differ by country and by institution. There is a general level of standardization that allows degrees to be recognized and categorized in different contexts, but each school has the leeway to change or add requirements based on the school's priorities. The basic way to distinguish management degree requirements is to look at the degrees offered by academic level. Management degrees offered at the post-secondary associate's level require a high school diploma for admittance into a two-year academic program, usually at a community college or proprietary management school. Obtaining a degree typically requires the completion of approximately 30 credit hours, in subjects that include required and elective courses, with a grade point average above a 2.0.

At the bachelor's degree level, admission into a management program typically requires a high school diploma and a certain score on a standardized test. The student must apply to a college or university, demonstrating the type of personal development traits that the school wants to see in an ideal candidate. There is typically a fee for the application, and other fees that must be paid once the student is accepted into the program. Degree completion usually requires approximately 120 credit hours over four years in required and elective courses. Many schools require at least a 2.0 grade point average and the student to initiate a degree check before a degree is awards.

Degrees in management at the master's level typically require a bachelor's degree and a certain score on an entrance exam. Most schools require applicants to have relevant work experience. Mater's level management degree requirements usually include approximately 30 credits in required and elective courses, with at least a 2.0 grade point average. Many programs will require the students complete an internship in their focus area. Once the courses are completed, the master's degree is awarded.

At the doctorate level, management degree requirements typically a high score on an entrance exam and the demonstrated desire to teach, research or otherwise contribute to academia. Students must also have previously received a bachelor's degree. Completion of this type of program tends to be more customized; the student typically has to complete a certain number of classroom and self-directed credits and must spend a number of hours teaching classes. The degree is awarded after a student prepares and defends a dissertation.

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