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What Are the Different Types of Associates Degree Requirements?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Some of the different associates degree requirements in the United States (U.S.) include mathematics, English and biology. The typical time requirement is two years to obtain an associates degree. For the most part, all of the associates degree requirements are known as core classes. This means that these core classes are the basic educational classes of any degree. The second two years of a four-year or bachelor's degree are committed to the major classes, or the classes directly pertaining to the degree type. History and speech classes are also typically among associates degree requirements.

An associates degree is often referred to as a two-year degree. This is based on the typical time it takes a student to meet all of the obligations of the degree. In most US colleges and universities, the associates degree requirements are the same for every student at the university, regardless of the degree sought. The basic educational classes are included in what are often called core classes. These are the classes that are at the core of any degree, from associates to doctoral. While the typical two-year student commonly focuses on only the core classes, some four-year degree-seekers choose to split the core components between all four years, taking some major classes in the first two years to keep school interesting.

Associate degree programs can be completed in two years.
Associate degree programs can be completed in two years.

Most schools have set requirements as to the regiment of core classes that must be taken and passed to meet all associates degree requirements. In addition, many universities have requirements as to the minimum passing grade of the class to meet all of the associates degree requirements. Mathematics in the form of algebra is a common requirement for most colleges. English is typically required over the course of three semesters in order to qualify for a two-year degree in most US schools. Biology and geology are also required to receive a degree, with both classroom and laboratory time required to meet expectations of the university in both sciences.

Psychology, sociology and a political science electives are also common associates degree requirements. Electives in the form of psychology, chemistry and history are often offered in very short summer session classes and can usually be completed in as little as two weeks, in some cases. While the class requirements can be quite extensive over the short meeting time, the opportunity to complete a required component in such short order is often the main attraction for the accelerated course. Some associates degree requirements, such as physical education, can be met through military basic training service.

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    • Associate degree programs can be completed in two years.
      By: Monkey Business
      Associate degree programs can be completed in two years.