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What Are the Different Types of Liquid Lip Gloss?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

Lip gloss is often used in lieu of Chap Stick and lipstick as a more fun and subtle way to moisturize and enhance the lips. Less drying then lipstick, glosses often include aloe vera, glycerin, and vitamin E to help keep lips hydrated while imparting a level of color and shine not normally supplied by a moisturizing balm. Although available in solid forms, liquid lip gloss still tends to be the most popular. Different types are available and include translucent, colored, and fashion choices. Other popular versions include those that are flavored or that work to plump the lips.

Translucent liquid lip gloss is usually the thinnest, lightest type. As a result, it needs to be applied more often. It contains no color but rather is used to enhance the natural appearance of lips by adding a glossy shine. This type of product also tends to be the most moisturizing. It can be applied and worn on its own but can also be used over the top of lipstick, adding shine to matte colors.

Lip gloss may provide a tint to the lips.
Lip gloss may provide a tint to the lips.

Colored liquid lip gloss contains color pigments and acts as a lighter alternative to lipstick. These glosses come in a wide range of colors similar to those available for lipstick. They also come in varying degrees of opacity, from the lightly tinted to the full and vibrant. Although heavier than translucent glosses, these colored versions are also moisturizing. Worn on their own, they impart both color and shine to enhance lips.

Fashion liquid lip gloss is hugely popular for use by all ages. Glosses of this type are available in a wide variety of colors and opacity, but their defining feature is the use of glitter particles and other similar ingredients. Particles can be large or small, come in various colors, and produce a number of effects from the frosted to the metallic. Liquid lip gloss is also available in flavored types, with choices running the gamut of different fruits to sweet flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and honey. These glosses vary in thickness and moisturizing capability but tend to include the same ingredients as other types.

Finally, lip-plumping liquid lip gloss is a popular alternative to surgery or injections. Though the effect is temporary, these glosses contain ingredients such as capsicum and cinnamon that, when applied to the lips, irritate them and cause them to swell. These glosses are available in colored versions or in translucent options that can be worn under a lipstick. Liquid lip gloss is also available in a variety of tubes and bottles with different types of applicators, such as brushes and wands.

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    • Lip gloss may provide a tint to the lips.
      By: Johanna Goodyear
      Lip gloss may provide a tint to the lips.