What Are the Different Types of Leather Bedroom Sets?

Kay Paddock

A bedroom set is a collection of furniture designed specifically for a bedroom, which can include just a couple pieces of furniture or an entire room's worth. Small leather bedroom sets might include the headboard, a dresser and one or two night stands. Larger sets may contain every piece of furniture a bedroom might need, including a dressing table, an armoire and other items. There are a variety of leather bedroom sets that include different styles of furniture, different pieces and pieces sized for varying types of rooms. There are also a large number of colors and types of leather available from which to choose.

Full-grain leather is the most expensive and luxurious type of leather, as it can be made from only the finest raw material.
Full-grain leather is the most expensive and luxurious type of leather, as it can be made from only the finest raw material.

Bedroom furniture sets will typically contain a leather-covered headboard, a dresser with a mirror, and one or two nightstands, at minimum. Leather bedroom sets for very large rooms may also contain other pieces of bedroom storage furniture such as a chest of drawers, armoire, chifforobe, vanity or dressing table, and even such items as chairs, love seats, ottomans and couches. The size of the set will typically depend on the size of the room in which it will be used. Some very small sets, such as those with just a headboard and dresser, may also have several matching pieces that can be purchased separately.

This style of bedroom set comes in many different furniture styles as well. Generally, the only leather-covered items will be the headboard and any seating pieces, such as couches, chairs or ottomans. These may also feature wood or other materials that match the storage pieces. The color and texture of the wood, the level of ornamentation, and the general shape of the furniture will give the set a particular style. There are also choices to be made in the type of seating and whether the furniture will have a modern or more traditional look.

Leather furniture also is available in almost any color. As such, it can generally fit in with almost any bedroom design theme. A variety of colors also means that leather bedroom sets can be used in traditional bedroom d├ęcor as well as in something more modern or whimsical.

One feature that distinguishes leather bedroom sets regardless of the size or style is the type of leather used. Full-grain or top-grain leather is generally the most expensive and considered the most luxurious because it is made from the natural cow hide with no sanding or dye. Corrected-grain leather has most likely been sanded to change the texture of the hide, and may have artificial grain added to complete the look. Aniline leather is usually full-grain hide that has been treated with a dye to make it softer, and suede and split-leather are made by splitting the leather layers and treating them separately. Each type of leather gives a different texture and appearance to leather bedroom sets and can change the entire look of a room.

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