What are the Different Types of Home Steam Showers?

Jami Yontz

A home steam shower is a type of shower unit that allows a person to be able to also enjoy the benefits of a steam room in the privacy of their home. These showers can either be purchased as a ready-made unit, as a customized unit, or as add-ons for an existing shower to include a steam room option. There are many different options and luxury features that can be added to a home steam shower unit.

Some homeowners choose home steam showers allow the bather to take either a standard shower or a steam bath.
Some homeowners choose home steam showers allow the bather to take either a standard shower or a steam bath.

There are ready-made home steam showers available for purchase that can be installed in a home. These self-contained enclosures are sealed to prevent the steam from escaping, and they usually come with many features, including options for jets, nozzles, massage units, or radios. They have built-in seats and usually require about the same amount of room as a standing shower, but this will depend on the size of the unit that is purchased. There are one to three person units available, and some units are combined with a bathtub or whirlpool, and many have options to switch the setting to sauna heat. A luxury steam shower may have digital control buttons, aromatherapy containers, or color therapy options.

Custom built home steam showers are popular for those who want to bring a steam shower into their home but have specific dimension requirements for the room where the shower will be installed. Some people prefer to customize their shower features, such as the height of jets. Custom units can be quite costly.

Self-installing a steam unit into an existing shower stall or bathtub can be accomplished by installing a steam shower generator, which should be completed by a professional because the generator must be connected to the water supply of the house. A self-made home steam shower requires a enclosed space, so the person must cover the top of the walk-in shower or build an enclosure for the bathtub. Also, a steam shower door should be purchased to prevent the water vapor from leaking.

The warm vapors of a home steam shower are beneficial to a person’s health and appearance. A steam shower can help to relax muscles and clear the nasal passages of those with sinus problems, asthma or allergies. Steam rooms are beneficial for those with arthritis because the warm, wet heat can relieve pain from sore joints. Steam also helps to open the skin’s pores and release dirt and dead skin. It increases circulation, which not only helps to bring more oxygen to the skin to improve the skin's appearance, but also the increased blood circulation will promote healing of injuries.

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