What are the Different Types of Steam Shower Enclosures?

Autumn Rivers

Steam showers have become quite popular, as they are helpful in relieving stress and allowing people to sweat out impurities without leaving the house. There are a few types of steam shower enclosures available, allowing homeowners to choose the best one for both their budget and their needs. One type is the modular shower, which can be added to an existing bathroom, and comes in various shapes. Some steam shower enclosures also come with a bathtub, which is often ideal for bathrooms without much extra room. Finally, custom showers can be constructed in new homes or bathroom remodeling projects, as they often take more work to install in existing bathrooms than modular units do.

Most modular steam showers feature the option of taking either a traditional shower or a steam bath.
Most modular steam showers feature the option of taking either a traditional shower or a steam bath.

The typical homeowner looking to upgrade their bathroom tends to go for modular steam shower enclosures, as this type is usually purchased at a store and added to a bathroom. Homeowners can save space with corner enclosures, though they can do the same with square units, as these are known for being small and easy to fit in nearly any bathroom. Rectangular steam shower enclosures are usually large enough to fit two people at once, while circular showers are often considered stylish and have a modern look, but they take up a lot of bathroom space. Regardless of the shape, most modular steam showers give the option of taking either a steam bath or regular shower.

Families may be interested in taking advantage of the health benefits of steam showers, but they might not have enough room in their bathroom for both a bathtub and a shower. For this reason, steam shower enclosures with built-in bathtubs exist, allowing homeowners to fit this kind of bathroom feature in even the smallest room. This means that they do not have to choose between a steam shower and a regular bathtub due to space constraints. Additionally, homeowners can often get a whirlpool tub, allowing them to sit and relax with a massage at the end of the day.

Custom steam shower enclosures are often larger and filled with more features than the typical modular type, but they are also usually more expensive. Since it is often difficult to add this kind of shower to an existing home, custom enclosures are usually reserved for new homes still being built, or bathrooms being majorly remodeled. This type of shower usually features tiled ceilings, walls, and floors, with a drain built into the floor. Since it is custom, homeowners can typically choose the color, size, shape, and any additional features that they want to add on.

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