What Are the Different Types of Guinea Pig Supplies?

Misty Amber Brighton

A guinea pig is a small rodent often chosen as a house pet because it can be easy to care for. Some guinea pig supplies needed for this animal provide shelter and a comfortable place to sleep. Others benefit this creature by allowing it to get exercise. Special equipment is also available for feeding and watering this exotic pet.

A guinea pig will require a cage.
A guinea pig will require a cage.

Before bringing a guinea pig home, pet owners should make sure there is a safe place for the animal to live. Some type of cage is normally recommended because this confines the animal while protecting it from hazards or other pets. Most models are made of vinyl-coated wire on the top and sides. These guinea pig supplies can be large or small. Smaller ones are often portable, and larger ones may require a stand.

Guinea pigs are typically kept in a spacious cage.
Guinea pigs are typically kept in a spacious cage.

This rodent is very active and needs a great deal of daily exercise. Many different guinea pig supplies allow this creature to maintain a high level of physical activity. These can include a treadmill placed inside the cage or a separate pen for the animal to run in. Toys such as play tubes or balls made from grass can also be purchased.

Guinea pigs need to have a small dish for food. These exotic pets can usually eat from a small dish that holds around 10 ounces (.28 kg) of food. A plastic bottle with a nozzle on the end is used for watering the animal. This bottle clips onto the side of the cage and can be easily removed and refilled.

These animals need to be groomed from time to time, so there are guinea pig supplies to help with this task. Pet owners may want to purchase a special shampoo for this rodent before bathing. If it is difficult to bath the guinea pig, wipes can sometimes be used instead. Nail trimmers can help people keep the nails a reasonable length so they are not scratched when picking up a guinea pig.

People who have never owned a guinea pig before may find the initial investment to be somewhat expensive. Even so, many guinea pig supplies are durable and long lasting, so they do not need to be replaced often. These factors can make owning one of these creatures a good idea for people who do not have a great deal of time or money to devote to pet care.

Guinea pigs should be groomed from time to time.
Guinea pigs should be groomed from time to time.

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