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What Are the Different Types of Furnished Corporate Housing?

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

Furnished corporate housing is a type of temporary housing used by business people, military members, and other individuals or families that need a temporary place to live while they are working in a particular location or waiting for their long-term housing to become available. For those working temporarily in a city, it is often more economical to rent a furnished unit than to move an entire household of furniture, art, keepsakes, games, and other essentials. Those waiting for their long-term housing often place their household goods in a storage facility and rent a furnished unit because it is less expensive and time-consuming than moving everything twice. Several different types of furnished corporate housing are available, including apartments, suites in a hotel, and full houses.

For individuals in need of furnished corporate housing for a very short period of time, hotel suites in extended-stay or corporate hotels may be a good option. Available housing can range from one-bedroom, one-bath suites with small living areas and kitchenettes to full-sized apartments with separate living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. Corporate housing in hotels can offer added bonuses, such as daily cleaning services, on-site dry-cleaning, and meeting facilities. Some even offer secretarial or administrative assistant services to guests. These services typically cost extra, although some may be included in the price of a rental.

Townhouses may be available as furnished corporate housing rentals.
Townhouses may be available as furnished corporate housing rentals.

Apartment-style furnished corporate housing is a good option for both very short stays and longer stays in an area. Like hotel suites, apartments can range in size from a small studios to larger, multiple-bedroom accommodations. In areas with a relatively low cost of living, an apartment rental may cost less than a hotel suite. In larger cities where real-estate space is limited, however, it can cost significantly more. Apartments are a good option for those who like a little more privacy and a homier feeling than they would get at a hotel.

Full-size houses or townhouses may also be available as furnished corporate housing rentals. This type of housing is ideal for longer-term assignments, for families, or for those who do not want to be disturbed by the constant coming and going of other residents. This type of housing is also more likely to allow pets, although there may be size limitations and extra fees involved.

Although the majority of furnished corporate housing is meant to be used for a short period of time, such as several weeks or months, in some cases long-term rentals may be more practical. Military members stationed overseas are often provided with furnished apartments or houses because the cost of shipping household goods exceeds the cost of providing rental furniture to members. In addition to tradition corporate housing, some homeowners choose to rent out their furnished homes while they are on vacation or traveling for business themselves. It may even be possible to swap homes temporarily if two people will be traveling to each other's hometowns for approximately the same length of time. This may be a good option that saves both parties the expense of paying for their own furnished corporate housing.

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    • Townhouses may be available as furnished corporate housing rentals.
      By: Chris Boswell
      Townhouses may be available as furnished corporate housing rentals.