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What are the Different Types of Funding Available for an Adult Education?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

There are many different types of funding available for adult education and they tend to take a number of different forms. One of the most common sources of funding for education is student loans. There are also grants and scholarships a person can be awarded or win through a number of different opportunities and organizations that assist people with paying for education. Someone can also fund adult education by working while attending classes with a job outside of a school or through a work-study program.

Much like any other type of college or professional education, adult education can be funded in numerous ways. Loans received through different financial aid sources are one of the most common types of funding a student can find. These loans are often made by banks or through the federal government, though private loans through other financial institutions may be secured. Loans to pay for adult education typically take two forms: subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Subsidized loans do not accrue interest while a student is taking classes and not making payments on the loans, while unsubsidized loans do accrue interest even while payments are not being made on the loan.

Scholarships are one form of tuition assistance for adult education.
Scholarships are one form of tuition assistance for adult education.

Grants and scholarships can also be found to help a student pay for adult education. These are both types of financial assistance that do not need to be paid back, and are given to assist a student with his or her tuition, books, and other expenses. Grants are typically paid out by government agencies or private institutions that award students with financial assistance based on need and other conditions. Scholarships are usually paid by organizations with a particular cause or goal, and this type of assistance for adult education is usually provided for members of these organizations or students who win some form of award or contest.

A student can also fund his or her adult education by working while attending classes. There are many jobs that are understanding of students and will work with them to schedule around their classes, and some businesses will reimburse employees for some classes taken toward a degree. Students can also look for work-study opportunities around a school campus. These jobs are typically provided by a college or university and ensure the student is able to focus on his or her education while still making money to help pay for it.

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    • Scholarships are one form of tuition assistance for adult education.
      By: Mellimage
      Scholarships are one form of tuition assistance for adult education.