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What Are the Different Types of Food Processor Accessories?

Eugene P.
Eugene P.

There are many types of food processor accessories, although not all models have all types of accessories available. Some accessories, such as small storage boxes for the blades or covers for the machine itself, are intended to help organize and store the existing pieces of the food processor. More commonly, different types of blades for the machine may be sold to allow for more specific cuts — such as a julienne — or to perform other food preparation functions, such as whipping eggs or kneading dough. Certain food processors allow the basic design to be changed with extenders and risers that allow larger bowls, bigger blades and wider feeding tubes to be attached. Some food processor accessories can change the basic operation of the machine, turning it into a blender, juicer or even a meat grinder.

One class of food processor accessories is intended to help extend the life of the machine and its parts by providing molded or fitted tools to help store the components. These can include boxes with special slots to hold the processor blades so they do not dull as quickly, and special woven covers that can keep dust out of the food processor while it is not being used. These accessories also can include items such as lids, so the processor bowl can be used for storage, or sleeves for the electrical cord.

A food processor.
A food processor.

Most machines come with basic blades to chop food, but many manufacturers also provide optional blades that can be purchased separately as food processor accessories. Some blades are intended to cut food from the top feeder in different ways, such as julienned, ridged or thick-cut. Others can perform non-cutting functions such as beating eggs, kneading dough or folding ingredients.

Enhanced functionality is the goal of several types of food processor accessories. These can lengthen the center axle in the machine so a taller bowl or different blades can be used. Extenders permit a wider bowl to sit securely on the base. Different styles of lids can come with space for high-capacity or doubled feeding tubes, or tubes that can hold and slowly release liquids.

Large food processor accessories can be used to turn a food processor into a different type of machine. These include standing pitchers and blades that can be used like a blender, meat grinders, and attachments that act as vegetable juicers working off the same motor that normally would turn the processor blades. These accessories often do not work as well as a dedicated machine, although they can be more convenient and less expensive.

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    • A food processor.
      By: nito
      A food processor.