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How Do I Choose the Best 7-Cup Food Processor?

L. Baran
L. Baran

A 7-cup (1.7 liters) food processor is the ideal kitchen appliance for anyone who cooks or prepares food often. These moderate capacity models make numerous kitchen processes faster, simpler and more efficient without taking up too much counter space. When choosing between different food processors, features to look for are quality, price, variety of blades and attachments, and width of the food feeding tube. Other factors to consider when attempting to chose the best 7-cup food processor are power availability and ease of clean up.

There is a wide price range in the food processor market, and while more expensive generally means more power and features, there are some quality options at lower prices. The key to finding the best 7-cup food processor is determining the features and accessories that will be used the most and are, therefore, the most important. For example, someone who makes pizza dough or breads regularly will be looking for quality dough blades and appliances with higher power levels. If the processor is to be used more for vegetable prep and cutting tasks, quality metal blades and high speeds are more important.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The accessories that accompany a 7-cup food processor will be the ultimate determinants of functionality. Standard blades include dicers, choppers and shredders, but additional options include dough blades, juicers and multifunctional blades. It pays to research the available additional accessories that may not be sold with the processor. Whatever model is chosen, thoroughly reading the user manual and additional materials will help users get the most out of their purchases.

A key feature in modern food processors is ease of cleaning. There is little point in using an appliance to speed up food preparation if it takes forever to clean it afterwards. Look for parts that are dishwasher safe and bowls and tubes that do not have small areas in which food particles could get stuck. Stainless steel blades will be easier to keep clean than cheaper metals, and touch pads are easier to wipe than dial controls. Another useful tool is the pulse button, which allows more control over the speed and length of processing than the continuous feature that is standard on all 7-cup food processor models.

For households with small children, the safety features of the processor will be very important. Look for models with child locks, or those that will not turn on unless the lid is locked correctly. The amount of noise created may also be a consideration in some homes. Many models have sealed housings and noise reducing materials to prevent excessive noise.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book