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What Are the Different Types of Fishing Luggage?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

There are many different types of fishing luggage. Some models are hard-shell cases which also double as seats. Others are large backpacks, which might be used when camping or hiking. There are types of luggage designed to hold a fishing rod and reel. Other fishing gear can hold fishing accessories, such as hooks and tackle.

Fishing seats are a type of luggage that hold fishing gear and also provide a place to sit. These items typically have four legs and a removable hard-shell case. The case usually lifts up on top so that fishing equipment can be placed inside. There may be smaller drawers in the front for holding fishing accessories. Seats that are more elaborate also double as a backpack for easy transportation.

A fishing boat.
A fishing boat.

Backpacks are a popular type of fishing luggage. Most of these are made of canvas or nylon with multiple zippered compartments. They may be smaller bags, which are ideal for a day trip, or large packs that are also capable of holding camping gear or personal items. These are often preferred by anglers who hike or boat into remote areas in order to fish.

Fishing luggage can also be purchased to hold fishing rods. Some types of luggage hold only the rod or reel, while others can hold both. There are also bags that are designed to carry multiple sets. These can be ideal for storing fishing gear or traveling on an airline or bus.

Some rod carriers also contain space for fishing accessories. Fishing luggage may be purchased in a set with a separate bag for the rod and reel and another for bait and tackle. Bags usually have a carrying handle unless they are a backpack model.

Fishing suitcases come in a variety of colors. Some common shades include blue, olive green, and gray. When buying fishing luggage, people can also choose from a variety of camouflage patterns.

Waterproof material is normally used to make fishing luggage. Simple bags might be made from thin nylon material, but more elaborate models could be constructed from vinyl or canvas. The best type can depend on where a person plans to fish and how often these fishing accessories might be used.

Many types of luggage can also be used for other purposes. Hard-shell cases could be used to store tools or hardware, while rod and reel cases might also be suitable for hunting gear. This can make buying fishing luggage a good idea for many outdoor enthusiasts.

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If you are looking for a good deal, you should try and find one of the fishing luggage sets they bring out just before summer starts. These sets usually have a few interlocking boxes that are great for different kinds of tackle.

One of the things I like about the sets is they also come with a carrying case for your fishing rod. The one I have lets me carry my rod slung over my back so it doesn't get in the way when I am walking down to the fishing hole. As for the tackle sets, you can choose which section to take with you on a trip, and leave the rest in the car. It really makes for an easier trip.


One of the best gifts you can give a fisherman is a great piece of fishing luggage. My father has been using the same old tackle box for years and it finally broke this past year. Needless to say he was pretty upset. We managed to stop him from duct taping it back together so that we could get him something useful as a gift. He's a tough man to shop for.

We found a really nice tackle box that looks a bit like one of the hard luggage suitcases you see in bag stores. It is a solid monster of a thing, with plenty of space for all his tackle and even a special section for live bait. He loves it and is getting plenty of use out of it now.


Any time I have a few hours to get away and relax, I love to fish. I don't think there would ever be enough time to get in all the fishing I would like to do.

I went through several tackle boxes before I found something that really worked well for me. It seemed like most of them were too small or had too many compartments and pockets and you couldn't fit anything.

The one I found is a waterproof soft sided tackle bag with the right amount of pockets and places for extra accessories.

I can fit everything I need in here except for my poles. I like to have everything in one place, but I also like to be able to keep it organized and easy to find.

Before I bought this soft sided case, all of my other tackle boxes were hard. I found that I really like the flexibility of this material and it wears just as good as a hard case does.


I have a ton of fly fishing gear buy I have never been able to find a good piece of fly fishing luggage. In my experience, a lot of the fishing luggage made for other types of fishing don't work as well for fly fishing. I seem to end up with a lot of tangled gear and ruined flys. If anyone could suggest a good way to keep all of this organized I would be very grateful.


My husband loves to fish and goes on several fishing trips a year. He is flying to get to some of these locations, so has fly fishing gear that he can take with him as he travels.

He bought a carry on rod and reel case online that he just loves. He says that he can fit all the rods and reels he needs for one trip in this case. There is also extra room for things like line cleaner kits, lights and other small items he might need.

Of course it is waterproof and has taken quite a bit of abuse over the years and still looks great. His only complaint is that he wished it had wheels on the bottom so it would be easier to drag through the airport.

It has a shoulder strap for carrying, and he always has it packed and ready to go for the next big trip.


The only piece of luggage I've ever had is a tackle box that used to belong to my grandfather. It is made of tin and admittedly pretty beat up but it still holds everything it needs to.

I know that I could go out and get a new tackle box that holds more and keeps things better organized, but it wouldn't have the same character. This tackle box belonged to my grandfather, and my father and now me. Think of how many fish that box has helped my family catch.

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    • A fishing boat.
      By: Paul Hamilton
      A fishing boat.