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What are the Different Types of Financial Advisor Software?

Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell

Financial advisor software assists professional financial advisors with keeping track of clients and improving overall efficiency on the job. There is a variety of financial advisor software on the market. Each software product claims to help the advisor with the management of client wealth and to categorize financial data effectively.

Wealth Portal is financial advisor software from Fusion Advisor, Inc. The Wealth Portal software allows financial advisors to have a real-time look at their clients' financial records. This includes personal investment accounts, retirement accounts, checking accounts and more. The data is made more easily accessible, and thus, can be quickly used to provide sound investment advice. This boost in productivity offers savvy financial advisors an edge over their competitors.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

This web-based financial advisor software allows clients to access their financial records remotely, letting them become a part of the advising process. If the financial advisor needs to point to a particular aspect of the records data, she can simply reference data made readily available on the software. Financial advisors can use this added transparency to recommend additional financial services and tools to the client.

Another notable type of financial advisor software is eMoney 360 Pro from eMoney Advisor, LLC. This software features real-time management of client assets and quick data entry for easy uploading of client information. In addition, the eMoney 360 Pro software provides a virtual planning center that allows advisors to create hypothetical future financial scenarios to help drive home the point of their advice. The software also allows the advisor to display information in presentation format to make the suggestions more concise for the client.

ASI Wealth Manager is an additional type of financial advisor software by Advisor Software, Inc. The software provides tools to enable financial advisors to deliver goal-oriented advice. The software is able to provide its own outlook for a client using imported balance sheet data, cash flow data, assets information and portfolio. In addition, the ASI Wealth Manager software provides tools that aid risk analysis over the long term. The software even includes information and resources on sorting out tax-related issues.

These are some of the many options available for financial advisors to help make their lives easier. Advisors should choose a software package that works well with their specific investment style and knowledge. A good financial advisor software package can greatly reduce time spent sorting through paperwork and allow advisors to offer clear suggestions.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer