What Are the Different Types of Eyelash Products?

Amanda R. Bell

There are varieties of eyelash products that can help to enhance one’s eyes. The most popular and widely used product is mascara, which can come in several different colors and formulas. False eyelashes, the glue used to apply them, and curlers are common eyelash products as well. Although not as widely used as other eyelash products, serums to prompt growth and dyes for eyelashes are also available in several parts of world.

A woman applying mascara to her eyelashes.
A woman applying mascara to her eyelashes.

Mascara is considered a staple in cosmetics, and is often touted as one of the few beauty items that those who use makeup cannot live without. This eyelash product temporarily tints the lashes, and can increase length, volume, and aid in curling. Typically applied with a spooled brush, mascara is available in a variety of colors, with brown and black being the most common, although clear, blue, and violet are also available, among other colors.

Eyelash curlers help bend the lashes upwards.
Eyelash curlers help bend the lashes upwards.

For those who want a more dramatic result that mascara cannot provide, false eyelashes are a popular product. These are most often available in full, half, and single lash sets, and are applied to the lash line with a specialized glue. Shorter false eyelashes can make sparse lashes appear fuller, while longer lashes can add dramatic length. Some are not meant to look natural, and include unique curls, sparkles, or designs at the tips. These can also come in numerous colors, although black tends to be the most common.

Eyelash curlers can be used with or without mascara or other eyelash products, and help to bend the lashes upwards, making the eyes look bigger and more open. This product typically resembles a clamp, and the eyelashes are placed in between two pieces. The handle is used to close the clamp around the eyelashes, temporarily curling them. In most cases, the clamps are simply made from a piece of plastic or metal, although there are heated eyelash curlers available that tend to make lashes hold a curl longer than they normally would with standard curlers.

Whether the result of genetics or a health issue, many people suffer from shorter-than-average or sparse lashes. For this reason, serums meant to make the eyelashes grow are becoming one of the more popular eyelash products available on the market. Applied at the lash line daily, many people have noticed a visible amount of growth in their lashes over several months, although studies proving that many of these products work are limited. Serums are also available in mascara form, temporarily tinting and lengthening the eyelashes while using specialized ingredients to increase length permanently.

One of the most controversial eyelash products are dyes, which are meant to tint the lashes a darker color permanently, or until the color eventually grows out. When applied by a professional, these products can be effective. Despite this, applying eyelash dyes at home can cause serious issues with the eyes, potentially blinding a person or causing other vision problems.

Mascara is a makeup that is applied to the eyelashes in order to make them look longer, thicker, and fuller.
Mascara is a makeup that is applied to the eyelashes in order to make them look longer, thicker, and fuller.

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