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How do I Dye Eyelashes?

Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks

Since there are so many different ways you can dye eyelashes, there is no one set of instructions. The steps you take to dye eyelashes will depend on whether you have them dyed professionally or dye them yourself. The process will also depend on which kind of product you choose and the color results you want. No matter who dyes your eyelashes or which product you use, there are steps you can take to help make sure you safely get the results you want. Of course, if you’re unsure about the health risks associated with eyelash dye, there are plenty of alternatives.

Probably the safest way to dye eyelashes is to have them dyed at a salon. Not all salons offer this service, so look for a salon with professionals specifically trained to dye eyelashes. Talk with the professional about the color you want, but listen to suggestions he or she might make based on your current hair and eyelash color. To help your eyelash dye last as long as possible, and maybe even avoid complications, be sure to ask the professional about any after-care instructions you should follow. In order to maintain your new eyelash color, consider making a follow-up appointment before you leave.

Probably the safest way to dye eyelashes is to have them done at a salon.
Probably the safest way to dye eyelashes is to have them done at a salon.

There are also several at-home options for dying eyelashes. For example, you might choose a permanent eyelash dye designed to work similarly to regular hair dye. If you don’t want to commit to the bolder, more permanent results of a dye, you might try a temporary eyelash tint designed to tint eyelashes a muted shade of the color you want to last for a certain period of time. Products like semi-permanent and permanent mascara are practical options if you’re concerned about rapid eyelash growth. These mascaras usually feature the same design as regular mascaras, which means you can avoid mixing chemicals and simply apply the mascara with a wand as needed.

Regardless of which type of at-home eyelash dye or tint you choose, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of getting favorable results and avoiding complications. For example, read a variety of customer reviews to learn about the experiences others have had with the product. Look for warnings on the product’s packaging that might apply to you, such as specific allergy warnings. Be sure to read and follow the product’s instructions exactly, including the “patch test” most dye products recommend. You might even want to highlight the instructions given should you experience any problems during or after dying or tinting eyelashes.

Note that some health experts claim it’s safest not to dye eyelashes. Even if you have your eyelashes dyed by a professional at a salon, you’re still at risk for an allergic reaction, developing an infection, or even losing your eyesight. If you want to darken your eyelashes but also want to avoid the possible health risks, consider alternatives like regular mascara, false eyelashes, or even semi-permanent eyelash extensions. You can find many of these products at beauty supply stores or in the beauty sections of local department stores. If you feel uncomfortable applying them yourself, consult a salon professional first.

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    • Probably the safest way to dye eyelashes is to have them done at a salon.
      By: puhhha
      Probably the safest way to dye eyelashes is to have them done at a salon.