What are the Different Types of Environmental Law Jobs?

Jessica Ellis

Environmental law is a rapidly-expanding segment of the legal profession that centers around environmental protection. This relatively new field is full of job opportunities for those with legal training, or simply those passionate about enacting social change in the environmental field. Environmental law jobs can be found in corporate law firms, non-profit organizations, government programs, and independent environmental agencies.

Some corporations need their own environmental lawyers to ensure they meet local or national laws.
Some corporations need their own environmental lawyers to ensure they meet local or national laws.

Though a law degree is often key to a high position in the field of environmental law jobs, it is not always essential. In order to enact existing laws and create modifications or entirely new environmental codes, environmental lawyers need to work with a wide variety of professionals in other fields. Working as an environmental lawyer, however, allows a person to be on the ground floor of fighting for better enforcement and stronger laws worldwide. For a person determined to change the world's perspective on the management of natural resources, becoming an environmental lawyer can be an immensely rewarding path.

Environmental law hinges on good, thorough research. In order to convince a government to enact poaching laws, for instance, research must generally establish that poaching exists, that it is harming animals or an ecosystem, and that it can be reduced through active management. In order to get this information, environmental law workers must have teams of scientists and researchers willing to go into the field and observe all kinds of environmental situations. In addition to field work, these researchers must also be able to concisely and convincingly summarize research to help environmental lawyers do their work. People with biology, anthropology, chemistry, and earth science degrees can all find environmental law jobs that can help create meaningful change.

Even the best environmental law firm in the world needs marketers, administrators, and office staff. Environmental law jobs provide a great opportunity for people passionate about natural causes, even if they don't have a degree beyond high school. Interning or working at an environmental law job can help young people determine if they want to pursue the industry as a career, but can also be a place for people with great administrative, sales, or technical skills to match their passions with their abilities.

Private industry may also need the advice and services of environmental law professionals when attempting to implement new regulations or adhere to current laws. Engineers, lawyers, and other types of consultants may be brought into a corporation to help ensure that all standards are up to par. These types of environmental law jobs provide a great opportunity to educate industrial workers and corporation hierarchies about the importance of green management. Consultants in this field may be flown all over the world by different businesses to help industry live up to the standards set by environmental law.

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