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What are the Different Types of Cotton Slips?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Cotton slips are designed to be worn with a variety of garments. There are full-length slips that are intended to be worn under dresses, and half-slips which are used with a skirt. Slips can also be a number of different lengths and colors. Some may have thin spaghetti straps, while others are strapless. They can also have slits on the side, back, or front.

Full slips are those that have a top and bottom piece to them. These cotton slips are designed to be worn under a dress. They could have wide straps, thin straps, or be strapless. The straps can often be adjusted for individual comfort. There may also be lace trim around the bottom of the garment.

A field of cotton.
A field of cotton.

Women generally wear half-slips with skirts. These garments consist of only the bottom piece, covering a woman from the waist down. They typically have elastic at the waistline to hold them in place. These cotton slips generally fit loosely around the hips and thighs, but are not baggy.

Cotton slips range from very short to full-length garments. Short slips might have a skirt that extends only to the upper thigh area. These can be worn with mini-skirts. Longer slips may come to just above the ankle. These can be ideal for wearing with dresses that are more formal, such as bridal gowns or prom dresses.

Some cotton slips have slits in them, so they can be worn with dresses or skirts that also have slits. These slits may be in the back, side, or front of the slip. The length of the slit may be only one or two inches (2.54 to 5.08 cm) long, or it could extend from the hemline to the waist.

Although most of these garments are white, cotton slips can also be other colors. The most common are beige, off-white, and black. Generally speaking, black slips are worn with outer garments that are a dark color such as navy blue or black. White, beige, or cream-colored slips might be worn with light-colored or print garments.

Cotton slips can sometimes be partially made of other fabrics. Some common materials include silk and polyester. Full slips might have a cotton top with a blend of other fabrics on the bottom.

Although adult women usually wear cotton slips, some models are designed for young girls. These often look like those that adults wear. They might also have lace, ribbon, or embroidery to make them more appealing to children.

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Discussion Comments


I don't have to dress up much anymore, but when I wore slips, I never wanted my slip to show.

When I worked at an office, most of the skirts that came with a suit had slits in them. This slit could be in the back or on the side.

I had several different styles of ladies cotton slips so I could wear what was appropriate. For some reason it always bothered me to see a skirt with a slit in it, and see somebody's slip showing.

It seemed like I had to replace them every so often. Sometimes the elastic would get too loose, and the last thing I wanted was my slip to be hanging down lower than my skirt.


@LisaLou - At least you are conscious about wearing slips. It seems like I have seen a lot of young women who don't wear slips very often.

Not that I am intentionally looking, but there have been times when the light hits just right, and you can see right through the dress or skirt they are wearing.

I don't know if they have never been encouraged to wear a slip or if they don't really care. It just seems like you don't see as many ladies slips in the stores as you used to.

I know many formal dresses and nice skirts will come already lined, or have a built in slip. The casual, comfortable dresses you see a lot in the summer are the ones that you seldom see a slip with.


When I was growing up I would not think of wearing any kind of skirt or dress without wearing a slip.

Now, if I am wearing a heavy material like denim or wool, I don't usually wear a slip. The only thing with wearing wool, is that it can get itchy if you don't have a slip on.

I also like to somewhat color coordinate the color of slip I wear with the color of skirt I have on. If I am wearing a dark color, then I wear a darker colored slip.

When I am wearing a light colored dress, I wear a full length light colored slip. My preference is to wear satin slips over cotton slips.

I think they have the same function, but the satin material just feels a lot nicer than cotton.

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    • A field of cotton.
      A field of cotton.