What are the Different Types of Cordless Tools?

Phil Shepley
Phil Shepley
Many types of power drills are cordless.
Many types of power drills are cordless.

The world would undoubtedly not be the same without power tools, and many jobs have been made even simpler since cordless tools have been introduced. These are any wireless tools that require power to operate, but do not need to be plugged into the wall and run on batteries or have rechargeable built-in batteries. For the handyman there are many different types of cordless tools designed to make many jobs a whole lot easier.

Among the simplest types of cordless tools that do basic jobs are cordless screwdrivers, drills and sanders. However, these tools have become much more complex and versatile that simply being a screwdriver or drill that runs on power from a battery. They are built with many different attachments and adapters that allow them to be used for practically any type of screw or hole that is to be drilled or surface that is to be finished.

Other cordless tools are made to be even more versatile and are known as multi-purpose tools. These come with an even wider range of attachments that can be used for sanding, shaping and cutting. These types of cordless tools are ideal for the person who would like to complete home tasks like room refinishing without having to buy many professional tools in order to finish the job. Some multi-purpose cordless tool sets come with several different cordless tools like hammer drills, nail guns and more to round out a worker’s versatility.

Other cordless tools are designed mainly with the professional or advanced do-it-yourselfer in mind and are usually designed solely to complete only one or a few tasks. A good example of one of these is a cordless circular saw, which is used mainly for cutting at a variety of angles, but even cordless tools like this one are still quite versatile and are usually built with the ability to be adapted for other purposes. These are also usually more versatile the bigger they are, as a small circular saw will not be able to be used on very many large projects. There are also other types of cordless saws, such as jigsaws and reciprocal saws.

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    • Many types of power drills are cordless.
      By: abhbah05
      Many types of power drills are cordless.