What Are the Different Types of Community Development Software?

K.C. Bruning

There are several different types of community development software for purposes such as tracking, developing, and organizing elements connected to improving communities. Some are programmed to address specific issues, such as housing or code compliance, while others help users manage a more comprehensive groups of tasks. Many companies that provide community development software offer multiple products for users in that field.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

One of the most common types of community development software is for project management. This kind of product typically includes features that help track things like budget, schedules, and vendors. It will also usually contain information specifically needed by builders involved in community development such as current requirements related to coding, environment, and safety issues as they relate to this type of construction.

There are also some kinds of community development software that are used to keep track of overall neighborhood statistics. This type of program is often used with a mobile unit in the field. It is used to collect information about residents, housing conditions, and other issues that affect the populations targeted by community development.

General community development software is typically flexible enough to be used by a wide array of municipalities, from small towns to entire counties. Many governments will have software customized to suit their specific needs. This can include tracking different codes, licenses, and permits. It is essentially a way to ensure that all of these elements are being handled according to the law and any other relevant regulations.

There are also community development software products that help to organize several projects at once in addition to staying up-to-date on the requirements attached to them. Many of these products can assist a user through each step of a project. For example, a program may assist with planning, zoning, licensing, and the building process. These products can help municipalities to save money by streamlining the work process, more accurately tracking information, and ensuring that workers are on the same page by storing key project information in a central location.

Community development software is also available in suites of programs with separate modules or applications. A typical suite may have modules for building permits, finance, codes, and planning. Many municipalities will further customize these modules in order to tailor packages to their needs. These tend to be an efficient solution because they offer comprehensive resources while enabling the user to pick only the options that are necessary for a particular situation.

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