What Are the Different Types of Chocolate Tofu Foods?

Cynde Gregory
Cynde Gregory
Chocolate tofu has a texture that is ideal for chocolate mousse.
Chocolate tofu has a texture that is ideal for chocolate mousse.

As soy foods such as tofu become more and more popular, people concerned with eating healthier foods are offered a wider range of choices. Recently, blocks of chocolate tofu have become available in chain grocery stores as well as in health food groceries. Now that tofu-based ice cream, pudding, cakes, and pies are more accessible, home cooks can experiment with making their own high-protein, nondairy treats.

Making tofu pudding or mousse works best using silken-style tofu. Silken tofu is extremely soft and creamy, and because of its texture, it can be blended or whipped more easily than the denser types of block tofu, which come in firm and extra firm configurations. Many tofu fans are lactose intolerant or choose to avoid dairy for other reasons; a nondairy tofu pudding or mousse can be whipped up using soy milk. Fresh fruit, such as strawberries or raspberries, can be added, as can a sprinkling of nuts or soy chocolate chips to create a spectacular and easy dessert.

Chocolate tofu mousse can be transformed into an elegant cream pie for special occasions. Either a traditional rolled pie crust shell or a rich, buttery shortbread crust that has baked and cooled is a perfect match for the chocolate filling. Diners who aren’t lactose intolerant can top the pie with whipped cream; for a special treat, a few drops of vanilla, hazelnut, or orange extract makes the pie memorable.

Another sweet treat that children especially love can be whipped together in a blender with silken chocolate tofu, a splash of chocolate soy, or cow’s milk, and a couple of handfuls of chopped fresh fruit. A frozen banana adds a rich, creamy body to the smoothie. For most, the fruit offers sufficient sweetness, but those who want more can add processed stevia or a few stevia leaves.

It’s easy to find tofu brownie and cake recipes as well. While some call for flour, a quick visit to the Internet results in dozens of flourless and no-bake tofu bakery recipes. After following a few recipes, a clever home cook will be tempted to create unique chocolate tofu desserts with a few secret ingredients such as peanut or almond butter, caramel, and sugared pecans.

These high-protein treats offer a number of other health benefits. Chocolate tofu desserts are often lower in calories and saturated fat than most of their mainstream counterparts. Heart-healthy tofu also has a positive effect on cholesterol.

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    • Chocolate tofu has a texture that is ideal for chocolate mousse.
      By: pilipphoto
      Chocolate tofu has a texture that is ideal for chocolate mousse.