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What Are the Different Types of Career Opportunities for Nurses?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A nurse is a trained medical professional who works in any variety of settings in which patients are in need of care. A nurse can, for example, work in a doctor's office, a hospital, a medical center, or even in a private residence. Career opportunities for nurses vary according to the type of training a nurse undergoes as well. A nurse can, for example, pursue a career in a specific field of medicine, such as oncology or radiology. Other career opportunities for nurses may be broader, and the nurse may be expected to perform tasks as they relate to general medicine.

A travel nurse is a professional who moves from one location to another as needed. He or she will work in a variety of medical settings, as well as in a variety of locales, which means being exposed to various types of medical needs. Such career opportunities for nurses are some of the most demanding, but also some of the most rewarding: the nurse will be able to see different parts of the world and interact with various populations, though the nurse will also have to adapt to new situations very frequently.


Other career opportunities for nurses do not require travel. A nurse can work in an emergency room, which means he or she will be exposed to first aid situations often, and the nurse will need to be prepared for all sorts of injuries and illnesses. This can be a difficult and stressful job that requires the nurse to think on his or her feet and be prepared for any medical situation.

A live-in nurse is a professional who will work with one or a few patients in need of constant medical attention. The nurse will live with those patients, either in a private residence or in another setting, and provide any medical services the patient or patients require on a regular basis. These career opportunities for nurses require a high level of commitment, since the nurse will need to essentially be on call or actively participating in the care of a patient at all hours of the day.

Nurses can also work in private institutions. Schools often hire one or more nurses to tend to the needs of students throughout a school day. The school nurse will be responsible for treating various injuries and illnesses, as well as managing paperwork regarding student immunizations, illnesses, medications, treatments, and more.

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