What Are the Different Types of Canine Clippers?

Cindy Quarters

Canine clippers come in many different sizes and styles, to suit just about every dog grooming need. Some are inexpensive, but may have very little in the way of additional features that help during the grooming process. Other canine clippers are made to withstand a lot of heavy use. These usually have options that can make dog grooming easier, such as powerful motors and interchangeable blades.

A dog being washed.
A dog being washed.

Many people who own dogs that require grooming choose to keep a pair of canine clippers on hand. If there is just a single pet in the home, or if the clippers are used only for trimming and not for heavy grooming, lightweight clippers are often the tool of choice. These clippers do not usually have a lot of different blades available, and the blades that come with the clippers are not easily exchanged. They may have an adjustment lever that can be used to adjust the length of the existing blades, which provides a range of hair length.

Electronic clippers may be used to trim a dog's fur.
Electronic clippers may be used to trim a dog's fur.

For those who groom several dogs, canine clippers that can withstand more use are readily available. These clippers usually have a much stronger motor, allowing them to run longer without overheating. They can also power through much thicker coats, typically cutting even very dense hair. Many of these also have interchangeable blades, so a coarse blade can quickly be exchanged with one that produces a short, fine cut.

Professional groomers, people who show dogs and pet owners that require heavy-duty canine clippers can purchase clippers that are very powerful. These clippers may have rotary motors so that they will run with less noise than other types. Rotary canine clippers also tend to be cooler in operation, which is more comfortable for both the dog and the groomer. Such clippers virtually always have interchangeable blades. Often they are made to snap on and off the clippers, making the process quick and efficient.

In additions to the variations in power and features, canine clippers are also available as battery-powered models. Most of these are rechargeable, taking anywhere from a few hours to overnight to fully recharge. At full power the battery operated canine clippers have the advantage of being easy to work with, since there is no cord to get in the way. The disadvantage of these is that they are usually heavier than similar models, due to the weight of the batteries. They also may lose power fairly quickly and require recharging before grooming is completed.

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