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What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Stickers?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

Bedroom stickers come in all shapes and sizes. Different types are usually categorized by theme, like popular cartoon characters and hobbies as well as abstract styles. The stickers may be quite small, acting only as a border or accent detail, or they may be very large. The mural, a type of sticker, is more like wall paper because it covers the entire wall. Often, stickers are made of self-adhesive vinyl.

Wall decals are also called wall tats or tattoos, pops, cling-ons, and bedroom stickers. In many cases, they can be used on a variety of surfaces like boats, instrument cases, furniture, and exterior walls. Almost any area with a flat surface can be decorated with these stickers.

Two young boys
Two young boys

Stickers are typically made of thin vinyl because it adheres to flat surfaces without causing damage. Vinyl stickers are easy to install, and in some cases, they can be taken down and reused. Some types of wall stickers are made to be permanently attached. These stickers will not come off the wall easily and may damage the paint.

Some stickers come in geometric shapes, allowing individuals to form their own abstract wall art. Other stickers create a specific scene, like a garden of flowers, an airplane flying through the sky, a chef running into the kitchen, or a train with an alphabet theme. Many companies allow customers to choose specific colors and sizes so that the bedroom stickers will fit the customer's needs exactly.

A popular form of bedroom stickers are glow in the dark sky scenes. The moon, stars, and other celestial bodies are attached to the ceiling and tops of walls to mimic the night sky. Although commonly used in kid's room, some adults enjoy the calming effect of glow in the dark stickers as well.

There are also sports themed stickers for famous teams and players and film characters. Many companies offer a custom or "design-your-own" service. The customer can use a photograph or sketch or simply arrange a group of shapes in a specific pattern to create a one of a kind piece of wall art.

Wall murals are another type of bedroom stickers. The difference between a decal or sticker and a mural is that the mural is meant to cover the entire wall surface. Stickers, for the most part, simply act as accents. A well designed wall mural uses perspective to make the wall appear to extend into another world. Nature scenes like ocean waves, forests, and cityscapes are popular.

Bedroom stickers can be made from scratch. It takes an artistic hand and some imagination in addition to the self-adhesive vinyl, but the result is typically less expensive than custom ordered wall stickers. The vinyl paper comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so there is no limit to the design possibilities.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys