What Are the Different Types of Backyard Pool Ideas?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Sunbathing can easily be done in the comfort of a backyard pool.
Sunbathing can easily be done in the comfort of a backyard pool.

Backyard pool ideas should include practical ways to create a safe and enjoyable environment for the entire family. Everything from safety measures to practical and affordable pool designs should be considered. Adding a poolside deck furnished with functional furniture is a good basic idea. A fountain inside a large in-ground pool can be an aesthetic addition. Any backyard layout can have a fun theme, such as an exotic island setting complete with tiki torches, or a Japanese garden with bamboo dividers.

Depending on the dimensions of a backyard, a swimming pool may be small, medium, or large. Building an over-sized swimming pool in a relatively small backyard is not a practical idea. Allowing ample space to entertain or relax is essential for most people. For people who enjoy outdoor entertaining, a proportionally sized poolside deck is nice. This area can be used for lounging and sunbathing, barbecuing, or listening to music.

Looking at various landscaping magazines can be a source of inspiration. Backyard pool ideas can be inspired by a little imagination and ingenuity. One example is the unique concept of partially in-ground swimming pool designs. The Partially in-ground pool is a nice compromise of in-ground beauty and above-ground convenience. There will be less digging involved than for a completely in-ground pool, which means less labor work. For those on a budget, this may be a less expensive way to design a swimming pool.

Designing a custom entryway for an above ground pool can be simplistic or ornate. A wooden deck with stairway entrance to a pool makes a nice finishing look, as well as being practical. Lounge furniture can be placed all along the perimeter of the deck, which works especially well for a large backyard pool. Backyard pool ideas for families with pets or young children should include safety gates.

A waterfall is another one of many backyard pool ideas that can transform a backyard into a breathtaking oasis. This type of structure may be an addition to an in-ground pool or constructed alongside an above-ground model. This feature allows for a relaxing spa-like retreat in the convenience of one's backyard. Hiring a professional contractor is recommended for a waterfall project.

Practical backyard pool ideas also include restructuring an old pool to make it look new again. Hiring a professional pool remodeling contractor for more information is recommended. A professional can suggest add-ons or repairs to improve the appearance and function of an old swimming pool.

While planning family fun and activities by the poolside, the practical aspect should not be ignored. Insurance for the backyard pool is another essential aspect many families tend to overlook. Homeowner's insurance may be increased depending upon the home and the pool design. Various factors could influence insurance costs, all of which should be considered before upgrading or constructing a new backyard pool.

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    • Sunbathing can easily be done in the comfort of a backyard pool.
      By: vsegda22
      Sunbathing can easily be done in the comfort of a backyard pool.