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What Are the Different Types of Avocado Baby Food?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

Avocado baby food is growing in popularity, and most varieties consist primarily of mashed avocado, and many varieties are homemade by the parents themselves. It is less common to find commercial baby food made with avocados, although some natural health or organic baby food makers may offer it. Making avocado baby food is not difficult, as all that is needed is avocados and breast milk, formula, or water.

Contrary to popular belief, fatty foods like avocados are very good for babies. Their small brains need more fat than older children and adults to help with growth and development. High-fat produce like avocados provide healthy fats for proper brain development. This, combined with the fact that they are well tolerated by most children, makes them a great starter food for young infants.

Avocado, mixed with water or breast milk, can be mashed for baby good.
Avocado, mixed with water or breast milk, can be mashed for baby good.

Most health organizations recommend waiting until six months of age before introducing solids into a baby's diet, but some still say four months is an acceptable starting point. Avocado baby food is a good option for any age group, since this vegetable is easy to digest and full of vitamins and healthy fats. Starter food can be prepared easily by removing the meat from a ripe avocado and mashing it with a fork. Breast milk or formula can be added to help give it a softer consistency that is easier to swallow.

As a baby grows, it is possible to make avocado baby food using additional ingredients. Bananas, apples, and other vegetables can all be added to create a more interesting blend of flavors. It's important to remember that infants should sample one food at a time to pinpoint any potential reactions to a particular food item. Therefore, only additional foods that have been sampled should be added to the avocado baby food. Since avocado has a mild flavor, it mixes well with a wide range of other foods.

Commercial avocado baby food is not easy to come by. Many mainstream food makers don't have avocado mixtures available. Some specialty organic companies may offer avocado food, although even these can be difficult to find. In most cases, it is less expensive to buy fresh avocado and prepare the food oneself. Those without large amounts of time for preparing baby food may be able to make it in batches to last several days. Parents should consult recipe books, or ask a nutritionist, for advice on proper food storage and preparation.

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    • Avocado, mixed with water or breast milk, can be mashed for baby good.
      By: luminouslens
      Avocado, mixed with water or breast milk, can be mashed for baby good.