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What Are the Different Travel Respiratory Therapy Jobs?

T. Carrier
T. Carrier

Individuals interested in helping improve breathing ailments might consider respiratory therapy jobs. Many of these positions allow individuals to travel to patient homes. The two primary types of respiratory-related occupations may be available as travel respiratory therapy jobs: respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy technicians. Respiratory physicians and respiratory therapy teachers may also occasionally travel as part of their job duties. Further, travel respiratory therapy jobs may be a form of temporary work, where the respiratory professional works in different clinical locations for short periods of time.

Many patients use various breathing apparatuses in the home, and equipment maintenance is a main responsibility of respiratory therapy technicians. The technician will routinely check and clean this equipment. He or she may also monitor patient physical responses to the treatment protocols and catalog patient complaints or concerns. In addition, technicians may aid in preparing devices like ventilators for the home. Technicians employed in travel respiratory therapy jobs work under the supervision of a respiratory therapist.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A travel respiratory therapist may perform some of the same procedures as technicians, but these individuals also serve as supervisors to technicians. They may act as liaisons for hospitals and clinics as well. Further, the scope of duties for travel respiratory therapists might include implementing diagnostic procedures on patients in the home. These responsibilities might include adjusting treatment dosages, balancing blood oxygen levels, and teaching patients proper machine use. An associate’s degree is often required for respiratory therapy jobs, while one-year training and certification is a common standard for technician positions.

Aside from home care, travel respiratory therapy jobs may also take place in formal health care settings. Some individuals may provide services at various clinics or hospitals. For example, the individual might work at Clinic A, Clinic B, and Clinic C in two-day rotations. In this manner, the individual is still traveling between different physical facilities, but performing essentially the same functions at each institution.

Some companies specialize in finding job placements for travel respiratory therapy jobs. Many temporary work agencies also hire for these positions. If the work is temporary, an individual might work exclusively at one medical setting for a few months before moving on to a new workplace. Some jobs even require travel between different official regions, in which case the employee may need to seek licensure in each region.

A few other related travel respiratory therapy jobs may be available. While individuals with medical degrees who are employed as respiratory physicians typically work in a single hospital, physicians may occasionally make house calls or work in a similar mobile capacity as well. Similarly, those involved in respiratory therapy who pursue a teaching path may find themselves teaching courses at several different institutions.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book