What are the Different Planning Manager Jobs?

A. Rohlandt

The types of planning manager jobs are widely varied, ranging from a general shift or department manager to an executive level position similar in nature to a vice president of operations. The title can also be used in the hospitality industry for someone responsible for coordinating services pertaining to conventions, parties, trade shows, weddings, or other events. It may also apply to an independent consultant performing any of the functions listed above.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

The educational requirements for planning manager jobs are also diverse. Unless a professional license or certification is required, experience may be all that is required. Civil and corporate entities may require an associate’s degree in business management for an entry level position, or a bachelor’s degree for a supervisory role. A master’s degree might be required at the higher executive levels, especially in the financial and healthcare sectors.

For the majority of positions, planning manager jobs usually refer to positions in mid level management. Managers are responsible for ensuring that the key goals of the business or organization are being accomplished through personnel and policy management. The planning manager job description usually includes the scheduling of workforce and material delivery, along with reporting of progress to upper management. Customer service skills are also highly desirable.

Planning manager duties normally consist of supervising workers belonging to the manager’s department as well as vendors hired for projects. Review and application of policies, procedures and schedules in the activity of the business is also common. Planning managers may also be required to write and present reports and recommendations. They are also expected to provide first hand information to decision makers.

The job growth outlook is mixed. Some sectors such as hospitality are expected to see slower than average growth, while others,such as human resources and healthcare are expected to see rapid growth. The importance of developing and implementing strategic programs to manage costs and increase efficiency are the driving force behind this trend.

Planning manager jobs may offer an attractive opportunity for career seekers who don’t have a specialized field they are interested or skilled in. The variety of industries that use planning managers coupled with the range of duties within those industries lends itself to a generalized job description. A planning manager career combined with the growing popularity of freelance work can make the job a stepping stone to self employment. Flexibility and the ability to stay current with the marketplace will be the key in making this transition profitable.

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