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What Are the Different Methods of Human Resource Management?

Jim B.
Jim B.

Human resource departments are those branches of a company tasked with the hiring, development, and maintenance of the company's group of employees. As such, human resource management must devise methods of obtaining the best possible work force at a manageable cost to the company. In addition, human resource management is tasked with making sure that the performance of these employees reaches an optimum level. Managers must find methods that work the best for the company in question, choosing from different types of hiring processes, training initiatives, and employee participation programs while also finding out how to best incorporate information technology into their process.

The human resources department is usually considered critical to the success of an organization, as those within this department are ultimately responsible for the employees that are the lifeblood of a company. They are responsible for many tasks integral to company operations, choosing from a variety of methods to do so. In the end, human resource management must choose the methods that best fit the company they serve.

A human resource manager conducting an interview.
A human resource manager conducting an interview.

Perhaps the main task of all human resource management is securing the workforce of a company. Choosing between potential hires can make the difference between a well-skilled, productive workforce and a group of uninspired employees. HR managers may choose to put potential hires into the work environment to see how they react. In addition, they may hire outside help in the form of consultants who are experts in the task of choosing employee candidates.

Once the employees are hired, human resource management is also responsible for making sure that they are well-suited to serve the company. Various training programs provided by a company can improve the productivity level and skill-sets of employees. In addition, HR managers also must make sure that their employees are satisfied with their working experience. To that end, various methods may be used to make employees feel like more of an integral part of the company and part of a family atmosphere among the entire staff.

Human resource management also includes responsibilities such as keeping up with payroll and employee benefits. Information technology has increased to the point where computer software can be purchased and implemented to handle many of these tasks. As a result, one method for HR managers to consider is allowing such software to take on many of these time-consuming tasks. In that way, the managers can take more time on strategic initiatives designed to better the company.

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    • A human resource manager conducting an interview.
      By: imageegami
      A human resource manager conducting an interview.