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What are the Different Dispatcher Jobs?

Tess C. Taylor
Tess C. Taylor

There are several different dispatcher jobs available in multiple industries. Some of these industries are healthcare, law enforcement, emergency services, airlines and service-related companies. The most common dispatcher jobs require versatility in skills, a helpful personality, as well as excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. Salaries among dispatcher jobs vary depending on the industry and type of dispatcher role.

A dispatcher generally works in an office or building environment. The dispatcher job may involve using a computer, a telephone system and a paging or radio system by which the dispatcher communicates with the public and with assistance or service personnel. The dispatcher receives incoming live communication from the public, obtains necessary information, and then quickly relays this information to the assistance or service professionals so that they can act in an appropriate manner.

A police dispatcher sends police officers where they are needed.
A police dispatcher sends police officers where they are needed.

Some dispatcher jobs are referred to as operators, controllers or correspondents. The dispatcher must use their verbal and interpersonal skills to obtain vital information so that the emergency or service personnel can assist callers by providing the appropriate services and response. This requires keen listening skills, and the ability to remain calm and focused in any circumstance.

Some of the more common dispatcher jobs are in the healthcare, law enforcement, fire or emergency services industry. 911 dispatcher jobs and police dispatcher jobs are dynamic roles in which the dispatcher receives calls from residents who are in urgent need of emergency medical, fire or law enforcement services. The dispatcher must quickly obtain information from the caller including the nature of the call and the location of the caller so that the appropriate agency can be dispatched to their rescue.

Dispatcher jobs are also present in service related companies, which may be either residential or commercial in nature. Callers may need assistance with something in their homes or businesses and the dispatcher must obtain information and then contact service personnel to address those needs in a responsive manner. Dispatchers then follow up to determine that the callers’ needs have been met.

In the airline industry, aircraft dispatcher jobs involve communications with aircraft on the ground and in the air. The dispatchers must actively monitor radar screens and alert active aircraft pilots of potential hazards such as collisions with other planes, storm and weather conditions to reduce the chance of accidents. This type of dispatcher job requires specialized training in airline or military technology.

As a whole, dispatcher jobs are best suited to individuals who have the ability to stay alert, act quickly and have excellent interpersonal skills. Being a dispatcher is not an easy job as it involves being responsible for others’ lives. Dispatcher jobs can be considered among the more stressful of occupations.

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    • A police dispatcher sends police officers where they are needed.
      By: frog-travel
      A police dispatcher sends police officers where they are needed.