What are the Different Business Manager Jobs?

Keith Koons
Keith Koons
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

In general, there are three main levels in the management hierarchy: senior, middle and low-level management. Normally, the senior management executives are the ones responsible for steering an organization in a desired direction through policy decisions and strategic planning. This is why senior business manager jobs typically are awarded to individuals who are educated, experienced, analytical, responsible and astute, so an organization can accrue the benefits of their long-term decisions. Middle management normally encompasses specialty managers who handle corporate growth, franchise execution, and regional training. Low-level management normally includes store managers, purchasing agents, or accountants.

Large organizations typically have a variety of sectors that include many different business manager jobs that are essential for its survival. In the vast sea of commercialization, every firm has to customize its management team to ensure the different departments function as a whole in order to more efficiently and effectively bring service and value to the customer. There was a time when a single business manager sufficed for managing an entire organization, but with increasing globalization by larger businesses, this is no longer possible. By granting different business manager jobs to qualified individuals, companies can specialize in many different industries or expand into many different areas around the world.

Some business manager jobs call for specialization within a particular field, such as sales, service, or corporate expansion. For example, a customer service manager typically is responsible for maintaining the reputation of the company since his department handles public and customer relations. Likewise, an automotive business manager might oversee tasks such as production and quality control. International business managers may focus more on implementing strategic plans on a global scale to ensure products and services are readily available throughout the world. Each of these business manager jobs fulfills a specific purpose within a much larger company, and their overall success will determine the corporation's long-term outcome.

Other types of business manager jobs may fit a much more traditional role. In many cases, the owner of a small business functions as the only one in management, while in other cases an assistant may be hired to share some of the responsibilities. Some independent stores may also employ a general manager to oversee the daily operation, and other tasks such as accounting, purchasing, and marketing may be contracted out to specialty organizations. While the actual titles for each of these positions may vary, they are all essentially business manager jobs that are vital for a company to remain in business.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips