What are the Different Boiler Operator Jobs?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois
Record keeping is important when maintaining boilers.
Record keeping is important when maintaining boilers.

There are two main boiler operator jobs: equipment maintenance and working for a boiling installation company. A boiler operator works with a stationary or operating engineer to maintain boilers used to generate power. In order to become a boiler operator, candidates usually complete a community college training program, or an apprenticeship.

Boiler operators typically work in manufacturing or power generating companies, where they have their own equipment to create power. The primary focus of this job is repair and maintenance of equipment. This is a hazardous job, due to the close proximity of highly pressurized steam and heating equipment.

There are a broad range of boiler operator jobs available in property management and maintenance sector. Maintenance forms the bulk of work in most boiler operator jobs. Record keeping is very important, and he or she is responsible for keeping excellent records of issues, problems, and maintenance completed. Repair of equipment and repairing parts requires training and skill with the equipment, understanding the way the system works, and a great deal of care. This is a very dangerous job, with a higher than normal risk of workplace injury.

Boiler operator jobs working for an installation company typically center around the actual installation of the equipment. Training of the building operations staff is usually completed by he engineer. However, many boiler operators provide additional tips and insights to their counterparts as part of the process.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in boiler operator jobs enjoy working with their hands, problem solving, and working independently. The level of positions available varies by industry and level of education. This career is experiencing a decline in demand, as firm move away from steam based power, or implement computerized systems

Most boiler operator jobs have a limited number of career advancement opportunities available. Regardless of the industry where initial experience is obtained, all skills are transferable to other types of boilers. This commonality allows the operator the chance to reuse skills in different locations. It is important to note that while demand is decreasing in North America, it is increasing in other parts of the world.

Boiler operators work with their hands and are usually mechanically inclined and have excellent spatial skills. There is an increased risk of injury in this career, due to the sheer size and heat of the boiler equipment used to mass produce the electricity. Most positions in this industry are well compensated, due to the level of skill and expertise required.

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    • Record keeping is important when maintaining boilers.
      Record keeping is important when maintaining boilers.