What are the Best Ways to Promote a Business?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

There are numerous ways to promote a business, and each company finds the best methods as it grows. Promotions that consistently work can be found by examining the activities of successful businesses. Some of the more popular business promotion methods include utilizing traditional advertising, creating a strong Internet presence, using press releases, optimizing customer satisfaction, and participating in a variety of promotional activities that spur consumer interest.

Billboard ads are an expensive marketing strategy.
Billboard ads are an expensive marketing strategy.

Advertising is a viable way to promote a business and it comes in many forms. People can use direct mail strategies so that potential customers read fliers or other material giving information about the business. Newspaper ads, radio ads or television advertisements are other options.

Some businesses invest in other kinds of advertisement and might use billboards or Internet ad strategies. There are less expensive ways of promoting a business through ads, like painting information about a business on company vehicles. It’s also important that any business stationary has all relevant contact information about the company, so people can use any letter, bill, or business card they receive as a means of contacting the business.

Traditional advertising can be costly, and one method many companies turn to promote a business is creating a strong Internet presence. This still may be expensive, especially when a website is first designed because it’s often worth paying a professional to design a site so it is extremely customer-friendly. Getting notice for the site takes time too, and is often best achieved through a combination of two things: using search engine optimization (SEO) to increase page profile so that the business shows up in early search returns, and employing social media/web 2.0 strategies.

SEO usually means writing articles or blogs with popular keywords related to the business. Social media tends to mean creating pages that are interactive, where customers contribute to pages in some meaningful way through things like comments, questions and answers, or chats. Such additional programming can take some time to fully build, but it may more effectively promote a business.

Press releases to promote a business are another option, but they have to be meaningful or they’ll be ignored. Businesses should strive to participate in noteworthy activities like sponsoring charities or investing in community projects. Alternately, development of interesting products is worthy of a press release. It’s not too difficult to learn to write press releases, and a strong writer employed at the company or an independent writer may be able to compose these for businesses.

To best promote a business, it helps if the company operates at peak customer satisfaction. The cheapest and perhaps most effective method of promotion is person-to-person recommendation. Careful analysis of business strengths and weaknesses is useful to determine if the level of customer satisfaction can be improved. Another useful tool is using promotions of various kinds such as discounts, sales, gifts with purchase, and et cetera. Companies can use many of the above-listed promotion strategies to get word out about special offers.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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