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What are the Best Tips for Yard Clean-Up?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

A good way to handle yard clean-up is to designate a particular day for the task. Also, by assigning duties to all family members, yard clean-up can become a joint effort with fast results. One thing that can help organization and make things run smoothly is to gather all necessary items beforehand. Having the necessary trash bags, tools, and gloves all ready will save time and effort.

While gathering all the accessories for a successful yard clean-up, proper garments should not be overlooked. This is going to most likely be a messy job, so wearing comfortable old clothing will be most suitable. The best clothing for the job probably will include faded and torn blue jeans, old T-shirts, and hooded sweatshirts if the weather is chilly.

A bag of garbage.
A bag of garbage.

Proper home yard clean-up means doing a thorough job. Beginning with the front yard, be sure everything is done meticulously. The backyard clean-up task should come last. Be sure to confine pets indoors so they will be out of the way. Very young children may need to be supervised inside the house by a responsible teenager or adult.

Use a large box, crate, or other storage container to place things such as toys and other items lying around, which can be organized and stored later. Remove all clutter that makes the lawn seem disheveled. This includes soccer balls, bicycles, and scooters. They can easily store in the garage and should not be kept in the yard where people may trip over them and be injured.

Insects may affect the quality of a lawn.
Insects may affect the quality of a lawn.

A rake can be used to clean up the leaves, fallen tree branches, and other debris. If there are aluminum cans or bottles on the lawn, they can be placed in a container to be recycled later. A pick-up truck or larger truck may be required to remove a large quantity of yard debris and trash. In general, a small amount of yard waste can usually be left out with household trash for regular weekly collection.

Insect infestation should be taken care of as soon as possible. This can be done by spraying insecticides or by contacting a professional exterminator. Check for bugs hiding in cracks of patio surfaces and even on the outer window sills. Ridding the area of pests should complete the yard clean-up and make the outside of the home inviting and comfortable for everyone.

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    • A bag of garbage.
      By: picsfive
      A bag of garbage.
    • Insects may affect the quality of a lawn.
      By: ilbers
      Insects may affect the quality of a lawn.