What Are the Best Tips for Writing a Middle School Essay?

Marco Sumayao
Marco Sumayao
Middle school students.
Middle school students.

One of the best writing tips for penning a middle school essay is to create an outline before writing. Working with a skeleton of the essay can help students identify holes in their research, improve the flow of their work, and organize their thoughts. Students should also proofread their essays multiple times, checking for both grammar and possible logical fallacies. A middle school essay should also be written with ample time, as rushed papers often get lower grades for multiple reasons. Other good writing tips include trying to finish as much as possible in a single sitting and asking for third-party feedback before submission.

Teachers usually check a middle school essay for three things: adherence to the assignment, quality of content, and writing ability. Students will find that developing an outline prior to working on the essay will allow them to answer these three concerns more effectively. Using the outline as a cross-reference, students can check whether or not their papers address the topic and style specifications laid out by their teachers. Writing an outline exercises students' critical thinking skills as well, requiring each step in the outline to have a logical connection to preceding and succeeding steps, as well as the paper as a whole. If there is a lapse in the flow of the outline, it is likely that the student needs to conduct more research, or that he needs to improve his arguments.

Writing a middle school essay is not enough; papers should only be considered finished after several proofreading sessions. Logical holes and lapses in writing style are often identified despite multiple revisions of the material. A general rule of thumb that middle school students should follow is that each paper should be read at least three times after the initial draft. Writers should also consult other people regarding ways to improve their work.

One mistake many individuals make when writing a middle school essay is rushing through the work. Although some students are capable of breezing through essays, it is generally advised that the students take their time in writing their papers. Rushed papers are often turned in without any proofreading, which could negatively impact the grade.

Students should also make it a point to complete as many portions of a middle school essay in one sitting. Although rest breaks over the course of writing are advised by many experts, the writer's train of thought can shift elsewhere, destroying the momentum with which the paper was developing. Students should set a word number quota prior to working and follow that guideline as best they can.

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    • Middle school students.
      By: Anna Omelchenko
      Middle school students.